What is the difference between process and

What is the difference between process and

Is there really a difference between process and procedure? It is really possible to read out there that they are practically synonymous or that their most important difference lies in where they are going to be used (general or specific aspects).

Well, in today’s article, I aim to help you really distinguish the difference between the two concepts.

I hope it is useful in your learning.

What is a process?

According to ISO 9000a process it’s a “equipo of mutually related activities that use the inputs to provide an intended result”.

As you cánido see, it is a concrete definition, although I am going to give you an image, which I think cánido help you better understand the previous definition.

In such a way that the activities make use of inputs, which are converted into outputs thanks to the activities carried out.

process example

For the following example, I am going to use an accountant.

  • Tiques: An accountant will use all the operations carried out in a company as inputs.

    For example, he’s going to record all his movements in assets, liabilities, and equity.

    An asset movement perro be the purchase of a building or the purchase of merchandise.

  • Equipo of activities: The accountant will use all the accounting theory that he has learned to be able to collect, record and interpret all the entries that have occurred in a certain period and will carry out different activities.

    An example of activity cánido be the preparation of accounting entries.

  • Departures: At the end of the process (carrying out all the activities), the accountant will have a equipo of financial statements that will help in decision-making for the company.

In such a way that the accountant has received a equipo of data (inputs) and through the activities, they have been converted into financial statements (outputs).

Another example of a very fácil process is the production process, which, in general, is as follows:

  • Tiques: The entire equipo of raw materials or resources that will be used to create a product.
  • Activities: All the activities that you will need to do to transform the inputs into a product.
  • Departures: It is the product itself.

    For example, a computer.

Note: processes perro be found everywhere, there perro be threads and the outputs cánido be inputs for other processes.

What is a procedure?

According to ISO 9000, a procedure is “the specific way of carrying out an activity or a process”.

Another definition of procedure that is common refers to a procedure being a series or succession of steps sequential that allow solving a problem.

Now, the truth is that the first thing I think of when I hear the word procedure is that they are giving me the how i have to do something.

Something like a cooking recipe.

Therefore, if I give you the procedure to create pasta, then you have to follow a equipo of steps (in sequence) to the letter so that you cánido create pasta.

So if you skip a step or add steps, the result will be different than what you wanted.

What is the difference between process and procedure?

As you perro see, a process and a procedure are not really the same.

However, I believe that they go hand in hand, since the process involves a equipo of activities that receive inputs to genera outputs; while the procedure specifically details the way in which said activities must be carried out.

Therefore, the process has a general range and the procedure has a specific range of application.

Example showing the difference between process and procedure

So that you cánido tell the difference between process and procedure, I am going to give you a fácil example that you have probably experienced.

I like to eat hamburgers a lot and I often go to eat hamburgers with some friends or with my girlfriend.

I have to say that there is a place that I quite like and I am going to give you an example with that establishment.

I have never worked in a fast food establishment, but let’s consider the process as follows:

  1. The staff takes the order and the respective charge is made.
  2. The staff passes the order to the cooks and they begin to prepare the order.
  3. The order is served and brought to the customer.

The process may be longer or the stages may be subdivided into more stages, however, we are going to keep it that fácil.

Within this fácil process, the fast food establishment staff also follows several procedures.

For example, the way the meat has to be cooked.

In fact, fast food restoranes have to follow their processes and procedures very well, since we are talking about their products being standardized.

In such a way that, in theory, you will always be able to taste the same flavor.

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 What is the difference between process and
  What is the difference between process and
  What is the difference between process and

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