What is the commission for deposits in

What is the commission for deposits in

There is no bank account that does not charge commissions.

Banks provide their services in exchange for a percentage of profit, which in some cases perro be high and, in others, zero.

They do not always charge commissions for certain operations, but they almost always do.

There is currently no estándar fee for cash deposits, Each bank imposes its criteria.

And this commission charge is not precisely for the deposit itself, but for the maintenance and administration of the bank account in which you deposit it.

How high is this commission? Continue reading to find out.

What is the Maximum Commission for making Cash Deposits in Banks?

The highest commissions are charged to clients who do not have domiciled accounts and who, in addition, have more than 30,000 euros in the account in which they are making their deposit.

These clients, the bank will charge a commission of 100 and 240 euros per year.

It is important to clarify that this depends on the bank in which the deposits are made.

A customer without a domiciled account is one who does not have a payroll account at the bank, a popular security account or a mortgage.

If you have a domiciled account, the commission is lower or does not exist.

As we already mentioned, the amount of the commissions is not estándar, each bank applies its regulations in this situation, and these regulations are not strictly regulated by law.

What is the Minimum Commission for making Cash Deposits in Banks?

For some banks, the minimum fee for depositing into a basic bank account offered to low-income customers is 3 euros per month for administration and maintenance expenses.

This is the minimum commission payment amount that could be found: 36 euros per year.

Let’s see some of these banks and their commissions to collect.

Commissions that some banks will charge for the year 2021

For this year 2021, the main Spanish banks have announced in some cases the collection or increase of the cash account maintenance or traditional.

  • BBVA: customers who do not have direct debit accounts or another series of requirements demanded by the bank, will pay a commission of 100 euros per year.

  • CaixaBank In 2021, it will charge 60 euros quarterly to customers who do not have direct debit accounts or do not meet other requirements demanded by the bank.

    In total, 240 euros per year.

  • Santander Bank will charge 20 euros per month or 240 euros per year if you do not have a direct debit account.

    If you meet the requirements demanded by the bank, you will pay 10 euros per month or 120 euros per year.

  • Unicaja Bank You will charge 120 euros, or 60 euros if you meet some requirements such as payroll.

Is there a commission for Depositing Cash through Electronic Teller Machines?

So far there is no information on banks that charge a commission for making a cash deposit at ATMs. only charged withdrawal fee in some cases.

Generally, the commissions in ATMs for cash withdrawals are from 0 to 1 euro, and correspond to the transactions carried out in the ATMs of the bank to which you are affiliated.

In other words, if you have an account at the BBVA bank and you are going to withdraw cash at one of its ATMs, the charge will be minimal or null.

But, if you are going to withdraw cash at the Santander bank with your BBVA card, then a commission will be imposed.

However, in the first instance, it will not be a high chargebut, if it were a common practice, you will notice the consequences in your account statements.

Cánido I avoid the Cash Deposit Fee?

Banks have a series of requirements that, if you meet, you perro avoid paying commissions.

Each bank may have its own requirements, but all agree in which, to disminuye or eliminate the payment of commissions, you must have direct debit accounts for payroll, pension, insurance or mortgages.

We will give you some recommendations to disminuye and avoid payments.

Here are the requirements to avoid or disminuye the payment of commissions:

  • domiciliary monthly service payments (electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet, schools,…), payroll, pension, unemployment benefit.

  • Have taken out insurance with the bank, the pension plan or a mortgage.

  • Use of credit cardsFor example, in BBVA you have to make a minimum of 7 movements in 4 months.

  • Have a certain average monthly cómputo required by the bank.

The collection of commissions is one of the measures taken by banks to obtain the money that allows them to decrease your negative cómputo due to the situation that the economy is currently experiencing due to the pandemic and other causes.

Traditional banking has many more expenses than en línea banking, hence they charge commissions to maintain cash deposit accounts.

One of the ways to avoid paying commissions is through en línea operations, but if you need to make cash depositstry to meet the requirements of the bank where you have your account to eliminate or disminuye the payment of commissions.

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 What is the commission for deposits in
  What is the commission for deposits in
  What is the commission for deposits in

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