What is the best credit card for

What is the best credit card for

Do not stay with any card because many times you will be paying more. There are options for people under the age of 30 that may interest you and be fully adapted to your circumstances. You perro save yourself some good money! Keep reading this article, we are going to help you know what cánido be the best credit card for a young person.

What options are there for Youth Credit Cards?

Youth also have the option of hiring their own Debit, Credit or Prepaid cardaccording to your needs.

Among the options of Credit cards for YouthThey usually have the following characteristics:

  • It is generally for young people between 16 years and 30 years
  • it’s a card free in its issuance and maintenance
  • They cánido be managed at any time from your mobile aplicación
  • In Spain they cánido withdraw money for free from their ATMs, several times a month
  • offer various discounts in different shops, travel agencies, gas stations, services
  • have free accident insurance
  • include Travel assistance insurance
  • No commissions for currency exchange
  • out of country allow withdraw money from ATMs Sometimes in the month, No commissions

The best free Credit Cards for Youth

Now we perro find a wide variety of cards Free Credit for Youth. Now we will name the best of them so that you perro compare and choose the one that best suits you:

Santander has its young line with the Smart Premium Credit Card. Its main features are:

  • For youth of between 18 and 30 years
  • It allows withdraw cash without fees from your ATMs automatic
  • Has maintenance costs
  • Includes discounts on concerts, adventures, trips, shopsetcétera.
  • They offer certain help with training coursesHow to improve your sintetiza
  • National and international scholarships.

Ibercaja has designed the ONE Visa Card with several advantages for the targeted objetivo:

  • For youth between 14 and 30 years
  • For free emission or maintenance
  • It cánido be managed from Ibercaja mobile aplicación
  • Dispose of discounts on concerts, espectáculos, movies, theatersetcétera.
  • Includes Sure of road
  • Theft insurance at Ibercaja ATMs and for purchase fraud with your card
  • you have courier service with notices of each payment made
  • The transactions you make at Ibercaja ATMsboth inside and outside Spain, they do not have commissions
  • Telephone customer service extended

He BBVA offers his Young Card Now with very good advantages for its users:

  • For youth between 18 and 29 years
  • No expenses emission or maintenance
  • You do not pay any commission if you use it at least once a month. It will be enough to withdraw cash from an ATM or pay at a store
  • He legal guardian of the young should be Account holderwhether or not you are a customer of the Bank. Even, there cánido be two headlines by card for the protection of minors
  • All management and control cánido be done from the mobile aplicación

From what age cánido Young People have their own Credit Card in Spain?

Currently, with the Millennial and Z generation, digital natives, everything has changed. Both his visión of the world and his “finances”, as well as his parents’ considerations in this regard.

Parents conceive each time a little more naturally that their children, from the age of 16 approximately, cánido be done with a Debit or prepaid card. It is even more habitual to open a bank account for savings, long before this age.

But what does the market offer us? Most of the Bank entities offer the possibility of hire cards youth banking, from the age of 14. The case of Prepaid cards perro be even with 12 yearsas is the case of OpenBank.

There is no regulation that regulates checking accounts and bank cards associated with minors. However, it is understood that since they are minors they are not legally responsible for their actions, so there must be an adult owner responsible for the process. even hire one Prepaid card only perro be done when is associated with the parent’s bank account.

We have already discussed the options, requirements and advantages of different Cards for young people. From here on out, the final decision is up to the parents. Always taking into account the need for this purpose, and the profile of the child himself as a responsible consumer.

What do you think about this topic? Do you already have a decision about it?

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 What is the best credit card for
  What is the best credit card for
  What is the best credit card for

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