What is the best bank to save in

What is the best bank to save in

The best banks to save They are that do not charge interest for having our money deposited or in it and that also offer us the possibility of accessing our capital at any time without penalty and good profitability.

Usually are the B.ancos On-line those who provide the most profitable offers. However, in this top that we will offer you, we will take into account, in addition to the absence of commissions, the initial interest and its application period, the subsequent remuneration, the required requirements and the minimum amount.

CaixaBank – Family Account

It does not charge maintenance or administration fees, offers two free credit cards, unlimited free transfers from ATMs and digital banking.

Offers 5% interest during the first 24 months or a Gift Smart televisión. TOthe rest you will have the possibility of a pre-granted loan of up to €60,000.

To obtain these benefits, the client must direct deposit a salary of at least €600/month, and make three card payments per quarter or direct debit three receipts.

Bankinter – Payroll account

No commissions for maintenance or administration. offers a high pay: an interest of 5% APR during the first year and 2% during the second year for cómputos that do not exceed 5,000 euros.

It also offers a free credit card and free transfers. In order to access it, you must be a new Bankinter customer, direct deposit a salary of at least 1,000 euros per month, direct deposit three quarterly bills and keep the card associated with this account “active”. That is, it will be necessary make at least three payment movements per quarter with her.

OpenBank – Welcome Savings Account with Payroll

This is a remunerated account, without commissions from the B.haunch On-line ofhe Santander Bank with which you perro get profitability for your savings, but with your money always available.

During the first 6 months, if you direct deposit a salary or pension at least of €900/month, you will receive a 5% TIN for the first €5,000. Otherwise, you will receive a 0.05% TIN no matter how much you have.

Includes debit and credit card completely freees.

Sabadell – Expansion agregado account

Payroll account without commissions that will allow you to obtain a interest of 3% APR indefinitely, but only it is valid for the cómputo that does not exceed €10,000.

It does not charge maintenance or administration fees, offers free transfers, allows you to deposit checks at no cost and has free cards: a Gold Mastercard carda debit card BS Card Mastercard Gold and one Repsol Maximum Card that offers you a 2% discount on fuel from Repsol, fields and Petronor.

To enjoy these benefits, you will have to direct deposit a salary, pension or regular monthly income for an amount of at least €3,000 and direct deposit of two receipts.

Cajamar – 360 Account

It is a remunerated salary account that does not charge you a maintenance fee, and offers a high return on your savings with a maximum cómputo of €9,000; 0.25% TIN for the cómputo between €1,000 and €3,000 and 2.5% TIN for the cómputo that goes from €3,001 to €9,000.

In addition, it offers a free credit cardyes (without issuance or renewal commission). However, in order not to pay commissions, you have to direct deposit your payroll (or regular income) and hire two plus products from the entity, in addition to be a member of Cajamar and make contributions of at least €1,000 by quarter.

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 What is the best bank to save in
  What is the best bank to save in
  What is the best bank to save in

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