What is the best aplicación for

What is the best aplicación for

Is there the best aplicación for students? I have to say that I am in my last year of university and I spend a lot of time looking for new applications or pages that help me study more efficiently.

That is, I look for applications or methods that allow me to learn better and in less time.

The curiosity to learn made me see that my study method or methods were not as efficient as they should be.

In fact, at some point I realized that I wasn’t even reading the right way.

What I orinan is that my reading speed was somewhat slow (average).

This is how I began to change habits and modify my study methods.

To tell you the truth, that was how I went from just memorizing to learning.

Of course, I’m still on that path and my goal is to improve, even a little, day by day.

Well, In this article I am going to share some study aplicaciones that I use that perro help you get better grades and learn better.

Is there the best aplicación for students?

I don’t think I cánido say that there is the best aplicación for students, as I think it depends on the person using the aplicación and their needs.

For example, an application that limits the applications that cánido be used cánido be useful for studying without being distracted and could be considered one of the best applications for studying, but not for others.

So, next, I am going to share the applications that I use as a student and that for me, could be the best.

Sure, I haven’t tried all of them.

Best aplicaciones for learning

I’m going to start with the applications that I use to acquire new knowledge. Of course, I have to add that lately I have become a seguidor of books.

Yes, even if it sounds old fashioned, but I consider books to be the best knowledge base.

From what I learn in books, what I do is deepen with vídeos, courses, applications and articles on the internet.

After all, many times they help us understand things better and make it stick in our long-term memory.

Well, the applications that I use are the following:

  • Coursera.
  • Learn.org
  • Khan Academy.
  • udemy.

Of the previous pages or platforms, the only one that is paid is Udemy, since you will have to buy the courses, however, it is possible to find free courses.

In the case of Coursera, you perro audit the courses, that is, you cánido access the course without paying, but you will not receive a certificate.

To do so, you will have to pay.

The 3 best applications to study

If you are in exam time or you simply want to find a good way to study and review what you have learned, then I am going to recommend 3 applications.

The 3 applications that I use to study are:

  • studysmart.

  • Quizlet.

  • Anki.

I have to add that I don’t use them all at the same time, since all three are based on the use of Flashcards to be able to memorize and review what you want.

Of course, I know that there are more afín applications, but of all the ones that I have tried, I prefer those 3.

Now I am going to tell you a little about each one.


I discovered Anki and Quizlet almost at the same time and I really liked them.

In fact, I used them for many years, until an application called StudySmarter was recommended to me.

Suddenly I use the other two, but it depends on what I want to learn.

What is Study Smarter?

As I already said, I am going to talk about applications or platforms that use a system based on Flashcards, although Studysmart has many more options that will allow you to study more efficiently.

What do I like most about StudySmarterer?

I could say that Studysmart has become my favorite application to study and review what I want to learn.

Of course, it has also helped me pass my exams.

I have to admit that my favorite aplicación before was Quizlet, but Styudysmarter has features that Quizlet doesn’t.

For example, you cánido upload documents in pdf, in which you perro underline, create aprecies, create flashcards, add shapes, etcétera.

In such a way that while you are reading the archivo or book in pdf, you cánido create questions and manipulate the book so that you perro learn better.

With the help of your flashcards you perro review or you cánido also use the option called «Quiz» in which you will be asked questions based on your flashcards.

Also, you cánido share what you have made with your friends or classmates so everyone perro study with what you have created.

Thanks to that, Studysmarter is my favorite aplicación.

What’s not to like about the Studysmarter aplicación?

The only thing I would like is to add more options to practice and ask questions.

The truth is that in that I do like Quizlet more.

I would also add the Anki system, which asks you spaced, depending on how well you master or remember something.

From then on, I think it’s an ideal application for me.


What is Quizlets?

It is an application for mobile devices that focuses on the use of flashcards and other interactive activities so that its users cánido learn in a fácil way.

It should be noted that, like Studysmarter, it is a free application.

However, it has a paid version that helps you unlock some features.

What do I like the most about the Quizlet aplicación?

As far as flashcards alone go, I think Quizlet is better than Studysmarter.

I say this mainly because I like its interfaz better and the tests or exams are better in Quizlet.

Sure, it’s just my opinion.

In fact, it has at least three ways in which you will be able to review and learn whatever you want.

In fact, if I’m only going to use flashcards, my preferred aplicación is Quizlet, but if I’m going to study from a book or pdf archivo, then I’m going to use Studysmart.

The truth is my perfect application to study would be a combination between Studysmarter and Quizlet.

Although, it wouldn’t hurt to take one or another aspect of Anki.

What’s not to like about Quizlet?

Well, more than not liking it, I would like to see options like the ones Studysmarter implemented.

Of course, when it comes to flashcards, it’s almost perfect for me.


Of the three applications, both Studysmarter and Anki use a spaced repetition system. Simply put, flashcards that are new or more difficult will be shown more frequently than those that are less difficult.

In such a way that if you have already learned a new term or definition, then the application will begin to ask you less frequently.

After all, you already learned it.

Now that you’ve learned it, he’s only going to ask you from time to time to make sure it’s retained in your memory.

Now, I must confess that, in my opinion, Anki is the best of the three that handles the spaced repetition system and that makes it my ideal application to learn a language.

Well, especially the vocabulary.

What’s not to like about Anki?

The truth is that what I don’t like about Anki is its interfaz.

Yes it is a good application, but I feel that it needs some improvements as far as design is concerned.

Of course it’s possible that it’s just me, but it’s up to you to escoge.

In conclusion, an application that contemplates the main characteristics of the three aforementioned applications would result in the application for students par excellence.

Well, at least that’s what I think.

What would be the best aplicación for students? What aplicación would you recommend?

What is the best way to learn?

I have to say that I still have a lot to learn, but the use of flashcards has helped me a lot and it also helps that you cánido use the small tests that the applications provide.

Now, what I do is use flashcards, but at the same time I use other methods or techniques to learn.

For example, something that I usually use are mental palaces.

Would you like to know what the Tim Ferris method of learning consists of? If so, I invite you to press the following button:

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 What is the best aplicación for
  What is the best aplicación for
  What is the best aplicación for

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