What is the Bank Card?

What is the Bank Card?

The bank book is a financial document in the form of a booklet also known as a savings book. As said card is issued by a bank contains all the movements made in a bank account.

There are many doubts regarding this type of document, such as: What characteristics does it have? What is it for? Cánido you pay with the bank card? Let’s see below, the answers to these and other questions.

What is the bank card used for?

After opening a savings bank account, the client is provided with his bank book. This notebook contains in its pages the information that identifies the bank to which said account belongs. The main function of the bankbook is register the entry and exit of money from a bank account.

Other operations that we perro carry out with the bank book in addition to registering and consulting our bank movements, is entrar and withdraw money from an ATM or bank branch.

Although for a long time the aprecies in the notebook were made by hand, today it is no longer done in this way, in this case the printers and the bank’s own ATMs capture the movement made.

Characteristics of the bank book

The bank book has specific characteristics that allow it to be used and distinguish movements easily. This indicates the basic information of the issuing bank and the account holder, it has a physical support where the operations are recorded. It also has a magnetic stripe so that computers perro identify it and report the account number, owner, and cómputo.

The annotations made by the printers or ATMs will appear in lines, each one will have the date of the operation, the concept, the amount sent or received, the total cómputo and the terminal in which the transaction is made.

How to know the pin of the bank card?

The bank passbook PIN is a security code that serves to verify the identity of the bearer of this financial document. It is important that only the account holder knows the PIN digits of his card, since this allows access to important services (such as withdrawing cash, observing and changing personal information, among others).

The PIN of your bank card is a code that cánido be created by the bank, although it is generally created by the client at the opening of his accountthis makes it easier for the client to remember said code.

On many occasions it happens that customers forget their bank passbook PIN, especially when they do not use it for a long time. To find out this code you must go to the headquarters of your bank and request it there. Although it is a bit tedious, this is the safest way to know this code, since it is unlikely that the bank will provide it to you by phone call.

How to recover the bank passbook pin?

Forgetting the PIN of the bank book is usually very frustrating. Worst of all, this usually happens when you need to do urgent operations. If this has happened to you, don’t worry, you cánido recover the PIN of your card in a fácil way. For it you must go to your bank office and request there that they espectáculo you the digits of your forgotten PIN or that they provide you with a new one.

It is important that write down the digits of your PIN once you have received or changed it. This way you will have it on hand in case of forgetfulness. You should also keep this code secret, so your money and banking information will be more protected.

Cánido you pay with the bank passbook?

The bank book or savings book has been very useful in our lives since its appearance, since it has been used as a debit card at ATMs. Although this passbook allows us to withdraw money easily, it cannot be used to make payments in shops and restoranes.

In reality, the functionality of this primer is quite limited, since in most cases It is used to withdraw and introduce money and check cómputo movements. For this reason, this type of financial document has been falling into disuse. In addition to the fact that today it is easier to check the movements of an account en línea.

What to do if the bank card doesn’t work for me?

There are cases where bank customers cannot withdraw money with their bank book because the ATMs return it or indicate that it is cancelled. This type of problem perro be caused by various reasonssuch as the cashier’s fallo, failure of the magnetism of the passbook band, among others.

If the cashier does not read your passbook or savings book, you cánido try another cashier, in this way you will be able to know for sure if the problem has been with the cashier or with your bank passbook. In the event that your passbook does not work, you must go to the bank headquarters of your bank so that they inform you of the problem and give you the necessary help. Depending on the problem that your primer has, it may activate the magnetic stripe again or have the card exchanged for a new one.

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 What is the Bank Card?
  What is the Bank Card?
  What is the Bank Card?

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