What is resource management

What is resource management

In today’s article you will be able to learn what human resources administration is, its benefits, and the process to carry out good personnel administration.

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A definition that we cánido find very often about the administration of human resources is the following: “it is the area that deals with the acquisition, training, evaluation and remuneration of employees”.

Human resource management concept

So, basically, the task of human resources administration consists of carrying out a series of activities that allows the organization to obtain, train, motivate, reward and develop the human talent that organizations require.

Likewise, not everything that should be given to them is knowledge and skills, but they should also be instilled with an organizational culture that integrates all the people that compose it, so that they share goals and values.

Which give meaning, coherence, motivation and dedication to human talent.

Benefits of a good administration of human resources.

  • If a good management of human resources is carried out, then the company will achieve that the organizational and individual objectives are aligned.

    This helps us to achieve the objectives of the organization and those of each individual (personal).

  • It helps to give the organization competitiveness, since the skills and capacity of human talent are used (Supplying the organization with well-trained and motivated employees).
  • Provide a better working environment.
  • A good administration of human resources allows the development of an ethical work culture that develops socially responsible behaviors.

In order to boost productivity and competitiveness in an organization, it is necessary to review the following principles:

  • Employ the right people for each type of position (not trained for the functions).
  • Avoid unwanted staff turnover.
  • You have to avoid having dissatisfied staff.
  • Avoid having people who are not committed to their functions working.
  • Try to prevent people from thinking that your salary is not fair.
  • Count on committed and motivated people.

Process of human resources administration.


Basically, recruitment consists of a equipo of techniques aimed at attracting potential candidates who are capable of occupying positions within the organization.


Since we have a group of people who possibly meet the requirements of a position, we go on to choose the person who guarantees better performance in the position and in the organization.


Now, you already have the person.

What follows is to formalize the employment relationship with the person and according to article 20 of the Federal Tarea Law (México), it is the provision of personal work subordinated to a person through the payment of a salary.

Hiring cánido be done in two ways:

  • Individual employment contract: It is the one through which a person is obliged to present to another a subordinate personal work, through the payment of a salary.
  • Collective tarea agreement: Agreement between one or several workers’ unions and one or several employers, or one or several employers’ unions, in order to establish the conditions under which the work must be presented in one or more companies or establishments.


Therefore, once you have already hired the person.

What you have to do is help the person to adapt to the new position.

Therefore, you have to help him adapt to his functions, his new work environment, his colleagues, rights and obligations, company policies, etcétera.

training and development

The purpose of training and development is to increase the productivity of workers in their work and influence their behavior and development.

Basically what is sought is to achieve the learning of all the human talent of an organization.

It consists of providing new and current employees with the necessary skills to carry out their work.

It should be noted that constant training must be given so that people have the best tools to carry out their functions.

Tarea Relations

It refers to the study of the different aspects of tarea regulation, especially those related to the establishment and application of estándares.

safety and hygiene

We agree that all employees face different risks when doing their jobs, right? Well, it is in fact what safety and hygiene refers to.

You cánido understand it as a equipo of rules and procedures that seek to protect the physical and mental integrity of the worker.

It helps to take care of the health risks that derive from the fact of carrying out the tasks for which they are responsible and from the physical environment where said tasks or activities are carried out.


Well, compensation refers to all forms of payment or rewards given to employees for the work they do.

Performance evaluation

What is done is to evaluate the employees with a certain periodicity to be able to find out if they have supervision problems, if they have problems integrating into the position or the organization, if the worker’s abilities are not being used, and so on.

What is strategic human resource management?

The strategic management of human resources is that we are going to form a connection between the human talent that an organization has (human resources) and the strategies, objectives and goals that give direction to an organization.

So, we are not going to look for, select, hire or train any person, but what we are looking for is to carry out each part of the process keeping in mind the company’s strategies, that is, we are going to integrate the company to the people who help to achieve a fit between all the activities that must be carried out in the organization and thus grant the organization a unique position in the market (that is sustainable).

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 What is resource management
  What is resource management
  What is resource management

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