What is rent 4?

What is rent 4?

Rent 4 Bank is a financial entity specialized in investment products and services created in 1986. It is one of the first of its kind, that is, it is not linked to banking or industrial groups.

Made up of several 100% national companies and capitals, it currently has 62 offices, more than 100,000 clients and 25 billion in assets under management and administration. He is also a member of General Guarantee and Investment Fund (FOGAIN).

How are the rent commissions 4 in 2023?

The Renta 4 commission rates they vary according to the different investment products. But basically we have to take into account mainly two commissions:

  • Sales Commission. Cost to pay when operations are carried out with the shares that usually oscillates between 0.2% -0.6%. It includes the broker’s commission and the Depósito Market contracting fee.

  • custody fee. Cost charged by the broker to keep the investor’s shares in the portfolio. It is usually lower than the buy-sell commission and is charged periodically, not daily.

In the following backlink you perro find the table of commissions according to the operation and the amount

Is it safe to invest in Renta4?

Rent 4 is the No. 1 investment platform on the market in Spainhas 35 years of experience and offers the widest range of investment products and all the tools so that you cánido stay informed in real time.

Also has specialists that will help you in whatever you need and allows operate from any device so you perro manage your investments easily, which makes investing in Renta 4 safe and effective.

Recommendations before investing in income 4

Before making your investment, we recommend that you consult the informative guides so that you know all the information you need before you start investing.

On their website you cánido find basic guides on different types of investments such as investment funds, depósito market, pension plans and ETFs investments among others.

In the following vídeo we offer you 7 basic consejos for buying and selling shares through Renta 4.

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 What is rent 4?
  What is rent 4?
  What is rent 4?

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