What is Pogo Sticking and how does it influence your

What is Pogo Sticking and how does it influence your

Pogo Sticking? This term may not sound familiar to you at all.

But if you have a blog or web page, you will be interested to know that it is a aspecto that could boost the visibility of your project in Google plus.

This is a aspecto that most SEO professionals and Content Marketing specialists overlook when optimizing content.

They all take technical factors more into account and the usuario’s query tends to be neglected.

The real need of everyone who was searching the Internet at that time and found content that met that need should be your ultimate goal.

In this article I’m going to explain what Pogo Sticking ishow it perro affect you and (even more important) how you cánido prevent it.

Let me tell you that it is a term that, if it occurs, has negative connotations for your en línea visibility.


What is Pogo Sticking?

He Pogo Sticking It is an Anglo-Saxon term that is used to define and measure the action that some users perform when on the same Google plus results page, they entrar a first website, then return to the previous results page (SERP) and finally entrar another search result different from the first one.

Another way to look at it would be to compare it to the bounce rate.

Although with the peculiarity that users not only leave the web in a period of time called “Dwell Time”, but they return to look for other results on the same query page from which they accessed your site.

Its name is due to the fact that users go from one page to another so quickly, that it seems that they are using a “jumping stick” either “pogo stick” to jump between results.

It seems somewhat irrelevant, right?

After all, it seems that it has more to do with the usuario’s decision than with the actions taken by a dueño de un sitio.

Despite what it may seem, This is a very important aspecto for SEO.

If it is very high, Google plus begins to consider it as a risk, since users will consume more search engine resources when they take longer to find what they finally need in their query.

How does Google plus know that pogo sticking is taking place?

The way in which Google plus detects that it cánido turn into something negative is based on the amount of occurrences.

Let me explain: if it is repeated several times on a recurring basis, you will have a high Pogo Sticking.

Therefore, the search engine will consider it as a problem. And therefore, you may escoge to act.

This, in the vast majority of cases, means a “penalty” to your positioning.

And I am not referring to a serious penalty that would radically “erara” you from the SERP, far from it, but it will make you drop a few positions in the organic position top.

You should know that Google plus takes into account a kind of “average” to determine if in your case the phenomenon is highso it is not something that happens from one moment to the next.

Said average is based on the rest of the results on the same page of the query where your website appears positioned.

Taking the necessary precautions, and seen from the most positive perspective, if you notice that this phenomenon hardly occurs, it is even possible that the search engine will reward your website with a better positioning in the SERP.

Practical examples of what exactly Pogo Sticking consists of

Suppose you went to Google plus to search for how to make a chocolate cake, you do the habitual search and you entrar the first page that appears, however, it turns out that the cake on the first page is not the one you want, you clic on “Go back” in the browser and you go to the second result, but in this case, the instructions are not clear and again you escoge to go back and go to the third option where you finally find the recipe you want to make.

What has just happened is the phenomenon of Pogo Sticking. I, as a usuario, have entered several of the results of the SERP’s and not finding what I need, I have had to return to the results page to try my luck in the rest of the sites that appear there.

How does Pogo Sticking influence the SEO of your website?

Google plus emplees Pogo Sticking as a measure to determine the quality of the content of a website through organic traffic, and you have your reasons for doing so.

Imagine for a moment that a usuario enters your page organically, that is, through the SERP’s; What reasons could make the same usuario who has just entered escoge to go back and look for another result?

LThe most likely reason is that you simply did not find what you were looking forand this Google plus does not like.

Assuming that your website appears among the first results for a certain keyword, it is to be expected that the content that you have positioned perro respond to the needs of those users who make a query with the keyword in question.

This should be the norm according to Google plus, so what does it orinan when users perro’t find what they need on your website? That Either your content is not of quality, or it is not what users expect to find when typing said keyword.

This, as a consequence, will make Google plus penalize your web page and make you lose positioning considering that your content is not what users need for the keyword you positioned.

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Consejos to prevent Google plus from penalizing you for Pogo Sticking?

How cánido you avoid the penalty for Pogo Sticking? The main thing is to avoid this phenomenon as much as possible.

Of course, you have to be honest, it is practically impossible to create content that adapts to the needs of 100% of the users who perform a search, at least in the majority of palabras clave.

However, it is important to keep the number of times users return to the results page to a minimum. To do this, pay attention to the advice that I give you below:

1. Pay attention to the loading speed of your website

Don’t you sometimes get tired of waiting for a website to load completely?

This is quite common, especially when users are in a hurry, and in some cases it is common to simply go back and try another page that loads faster.

Thus It is important that you consider keeping the loading speed of your website as low as possibleso that users quickly access the content they are looking for.

2. Quality content is essential

It is useless to position your website if users find poor content that is of little use to them.

Rest assured that at least 90% of visitors who see low-quality content will escoge to return, no matter if your website is above Wikipedia in the SERPs.

Take great care in the content you add to your site, and always focus on writing for the users you hope will visit your page.

3. A usuario experience “out of 10” is necessary

If the navigability of your site is poor, if you have a lot of invasive advertising, if the content of your website is difficult to read due to design problems or if your page is not correctly adapted to mobile devices, rest assured that the number of users who will abandon your web will increase more and more until you correct these types of problems.

You must ensure that the usuario experience on your page is as pleasant as possiblemake them want to stay to browse your page.

4. Plan the content well for each search intent

If you plan to position a especial keyword, you must consider what is the search intent of users who search for the keyword in question.

If it is a transactional keyword like “buying second-hand cars”, you are not going to create informative content about what a second-hand car is or from which companies you perro buy it.

A usuario who search for “buy second-hand cars” goes for exactly that, to buy a second-hand car, you have to offer them that, not something else, and yes, this includes selling new cars to someone who is looking for second-hand cars.

5. Try to make your content as complete as possible

Many times we seek to find everything we need in one place, simply because it is more comfortable and faster to entrar a page and have all the information available so that we do not have to go from page to page because something is missing.

With this in mind, make sure that the content you write on your website is as complete as possible so that users do not have to look for the rest of the information on another page.

It does not matter if you have to divide the information into several articles, the important thing is that it is within reach of a single clic. Believe it or not, this is a determining aspecto when it comes to returning to the Google plus results page.


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 What is Pogo Sticking and how does it influence your
  What is Pogo Sticking and how does it influence your
  What is Pogo Sticking and how does it influence your

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