What is Nequi and how to use this aplicación to

What is Nequi and how to use this aplicación to

The financial ámbito emplees technology more and more every day to be able to provide a good service to its clients, which is why more and more digital solutions appear that make life easier for Colombians, one of them is nequibut what is it and how does this aplicación work?

Well, if you are interested in knowing how this financial application works, do not miss the following lines because after learning about this platform your finances will be easier.

Without a doubt, once you understand what Nequi is and how to get the most out of ityou will begin to use it to manage your money and know the current state of your finances.

How does Neki work?

Simply explained, Nequi is a digital platform or financial applicationwhose objective is to help people to have a bank account.

This account allows you to make and receive payments, as well as have a detailed report of the movements made in the account.

All this, easily and clearly.

To own an account in it; You just have to download the aplicación and register.

It is available for Android and Apple operating systems.

After registering, you will be able to receive money, send it, and additionally, save money, recharge your device and pay your bills up to date.

Nequi is only available in Colombia

The first thing you should know is that this application works, for now, only in Colombia.

It was launched by the Bancolombia group and is a Fintech that has given millions of Colombians the opportunity to have an account to carry out their financial movements digitally.

To create your account, all you need is an internet connection, a device that meets the required estándares, and that’s it.

You perro use it comfortably from your home or remote place.

The good news is that you don’t need a bank account to sign up with Nequi. So you cánido start managing your money from there and make countless transactions from this application.

For example, you perro pay for services with it and even withdraw money from PayPal.

In addition, it is possible to make payments and purchases in businesses that have NEQUI points.

Main functions of Nequi

Among its various functions we perro name the following:



It is ideal for when you want to save money. This option allows you to place the amount that you want to put as a goal to meet with a final objective, at a specific moment or time.

At the end of the time, you will have your money collected there and very separate from the rest of the money in your account.


Tucked away

This option, as its name indicates, provides you with the opportunity to save plus money that you do not want to spend, or that you want to allocate for some eventual expense.



In this option you cánido carry your monthly expenses in an organized way.

It has a capacity to create up to 10 pockets.

In each of them you perro save the money for each specific expense.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent iniciativa to manage yourself better.

Minimum requirements to have a Nequi account

Below we mention the minimum requirements to have a Nequi account.

As you will see, they are fácil requirements to meet:

  1. Be over 13 years old.
  2. Valid identity document (national or foreign ID).
  3. Possess a telephone line of any operator in Colombia.
  4. Have devices that have Android 4.4 or higher than this; and in case of having iOS systems that are higher than 8.2.
  5. Photo of the face when registering.

    It will be used as a security key to protect the account and the money in it.

How to top up your Nequi account

Now that you know what Nequi is and what you need to create your account, There are different ways in which you cánido recharge your financial aplicación, we will espectáculo you some of them below:


For this, it is necessary that you go to the Nequi correspondents who are duly authorized.

Tell them that you want to top up your aplicación with cash; In turn, they will ask you for an agreement number, also a reference, which, in this case, is your cell phone number.

Recharge vía PSE

On this occasion, you must entrar the application; At the beginning, press the “$” sign and choose the option “recharge your account en línea”.

After completing all the required information; You entrar the PSE system, the page of your bank, confirm the transaction, and that’s it.

Recharge from another bank using applications

After entering your bank account; You give the option “transfers to other banks” and several options will be displayed, for this case you will place ¨NEQUI¨.

In the account number option, place your cell phone number and the amount to finish.

These operations always generate some type of commission.

In the case of Bancolombia, operations are free.

Additionally, there is also the option to recharge from another device or someone who has a Nequi account.

How to withdraw money at ATMs

In order to return your money, and obtain the cash, you perro do it at Bancolombia ATMs nationwide.

Achieving it is very easy, just apply the following:

  • From the application select the “$” symbol.
  • Then you must choose where you want to make the withdrawal.
  • Then select the cashier.
  • You will receive a code that contains 6 digits; You will entrar these digits in the ATM from which you wish to make the withdrawal.
  • Any Bancolombia ATM will give you the option of “Nequi withdrawal”, in which you must entrar your cell phone number, the amount you wish to withdraw and the code.

In this way you perro have your cash in a fácil and practical way.

Recently, the Nequi physical card has been available; which is a visa card, in which users perro fully use and enjoy.

It works without any contact, nothing else should be placed on top of the dataphone.

Therefore, it becomes an excellent opportunity for the security of users to be more protected and guaranteed.

It is designed to be used and managed with the cómputo that is recharged from Nequi, taking into account the limits.

This card is available from the end of 2020.

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The advantages and disadvantages of Nequi

Now that you know what it is and how it works, it is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of using this financial application:


  • It makes it easy for you to organize your money comfortably.
  • You cánido create an account without having to go to a bank; And the best thing is that you register without many requirements.
  • Nequi speeds up sending and receiving money immediately just by having the recipient’s cell phone number.
  • You cánido withdraw money from Bancolombia ATMs for free.
  • With Nequi you perro pay at your own points.

In addition to everything mentioned above, you cánido also top up, pay bills, and even get loans.


  • You cannot transfer to other platforms that are not Nequi or Bancolombia.
  • Sending money to Nequi from other banks has an approximate commission of 7,500 pesos.
  • To remove the limits in your account you must pay a commission of 15,000 pesos.

Use the Nequi aplicación to manage your money

In conclusion, Nequi offers great benefits for people who do not have a bank account and who want to access the financial system easily and quickly.

So now that you know what Nequi is and how it works, it’s time to use this financial tool to manage your money; make payments, send money and manage your finances, literally from your cell phone.

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 What is Nequi and how to use this aplicación to
  What is Nequi and how to use this aplicación to
  What is Nequi and how to use this aplicación to

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