What is Learning?

What is Learning?

In today’s article I am going to try to explain a term that I personally like very much and for which we perro find many definitions… Learning

In a training class I had, the teacher asked us… What is learning? What surprised me a lot was the fact that we had different definitions.

The definition of many included memorization.

My question is… do you agree? Does learning orinan memorizing something?

If you are interested in knowing what it means to learn, or at least acquiring the bases to form your own definition of learning, then keep reading.

definition of learning

Motivation according to the book Learning Theories written by Dale H.

Schunk, the definition is as follows:

Learning is an enduring change in behavior or in the ability to behave in a certain way, which is the result of practice or other forms of experience. (Schunk, 2012)

Source: freepik.com

Well, it should be noted that there are many definitions.

For example, there are other definitions that say that learning is a process by which we acquire or modify our skills, knowledge, values, or behaviors through experience.

Therefore, I am not looking for you to memorize a definition, but rather for you to be able to form your own definition and stay with that knowledge.

In fact, I am going to ask you something, taking into account the previous definitions, think a little about the following… Do you really learn everything they teach you? or what was the last thing you really learned?

In fact, I think we’ve all memorized something just to pass a subject we don’t like and after a few days, or even weeks, we don’t remember any of it anymore. has it happened to you?

Learning involves change

As you perro see in both definitions, learning involves a change or modification of behavior.

In fact, it is said that a person learns when he acquires the ability to do something differently.

The author specifically tells us that there is learning when our behavior is modified because we behave in a certain way due to skills, knowledge, beliefs, etcétera.

Therefore, you learned something if the knowledge or skills you acquired managed to change the way you do something, that is, you are able to apply it in a specific situation.

Learning lasts over time

There is no equipo time during which a change has to last for it to be considered long-term.

In fact, you perro find different times, but everyone agrees that it is not something that lasts a few days, or even a few weeks.

Learning happens through experience

In fact, there is a theory initially proposed by psychologist David Kolb, who emphasized how experiences influence the learning process.

Kolb defined experiential learning as “the process by which knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.” Knowledge results from the combinations of capturing and transforming experience.

For us to get experience, there are two ways, we perro get it from practice or from observation.

This is how we lay the foundation for the new learning that we are going to acquire.

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 What is Learning?
  What is Learning?
  What is Learning?

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