What is it and how to buy NFTs in COINBASE?

What is it and how to buy NFTs in COINBASE?

Coinbase has recently launched a new platform for you to easily and securely buy, sell and trade NFTs. If you are a seguidor of NFTs and you like to collect them, you will be fascinated with this new platform from Coinbase.

In this article we will briefly talk about how it works and how you perro buy NFTs at NFT.Coinbase.com. Let’s see mainly what it is about.

What is NFT.Coinbase.com

Is a platform where you perro acquire NFT from very important collections such as Cool Cats and World of Women. The platform is currently in its beta version, which means that it is a test version that will allow detecting errors and applying improvements before its official launch.

NFT.Coinbase.com is not the same Coinbase Wallet that we already know and that you probably use to store your cryptocurrencies, rather it is a platform that is linked to said wallet. Thousands of people have already given him their vote of confidence

How to register at NFT.Coinbase.com

  1. First of all, you must entrar NFT.Coinbase.com to register, or if you already have a coinbase account, you perro find the option by NFTs in the left sidebar. This will direct you to NFT.Coinbase,com.

  1. The next step is to register. Select on the top right “sign in”.

  1. As you well know, when it comes to NFTs, you need to have a wallet to be able to backlink it. You cánido use the same Coinbase Wallet, or use a different one like MetaMask.

  1. Once the wallet of your choice is connected, you will have to entrar a name and your correo electrónico to create the profile. This will be linked to your NFT.Coinbase account.

  1. Confirm that you are according to the terms and conditionsand select continue.

  2. Upload a profile photo for your NFT account.

  1. Check correo electrónico now that you entered a moment ago.

  1. Ready, your account will be enabled to start using.

How to use NFT.Coinbase.com to buy NFTs?

You will realize that it is a fairly fácil platform. Notice that at the top you have four basic options.

  • shop. It is one of the most used options because it will allow you to filter different collections of NFTs, some of which are already verified. You will be able to see the price ranges and other important details according to what you are looking for.

  • trending. As in the crypto markets, in trending you will find the NFTs that have been trending in recent days. In fact, you cánido order the ones with the highest sales volume so that you get the best options.

Now, if you want to buy NFTs, you just have to select the one you like the most to see related details, and what you should keep in mind when making the purchase. You even have a section to leave a comment, see the activity, and other proposals that other clients have made.

Finally, within your profile you perro make configurations according to your preferences, manage NTFs that you liked, or even if you want to put some that you have created for sale.

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 What is it and how to buy NFTs in COINBASE?
  What is it and how to buy NFTs in COINBASE?
  What is it and how to buy NFTs in COINBASE?

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