What is internet addiction? It is real?

What is internet addiction? It is real?

Internet addiction may not seem real, but it is a real addiction that many people struggle with on a daily basis.

While it may seem like everyone must be addicted, simply using the internet for work, school, or staying connected with loved ones isn’t the same.

However, recognizing Internet addiction is the first step in getting the treatment you or a loved one may need.

What is internet addiction?

Internet addiction disorder, or IAD, is a recognized condition.

It is a disorder that results in “neurological complications, psychological disturbances, and popular problems.” The study defining IAD was used to determine whether the addiction qualified for inclusion in a future edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Although the study was conducted in 2012, the IAD has since been included in the manual.

Internet addiction is considered a compulsion to use the Internet in some way.

In fact, it creates a type of high, much like a chemical drug, by releasing dopamine during use.

The need to maintain that high pushes a person to continue using the Internet even when it may ocasione harm to their mental and popular health.

Compared to other addictions

Internet addiction is often not considered a real addiction, as people use the Internet all the time.

We use computers, phones, and tabletas on a daily basis for everything from work to proving to a friend that we do know that random trivia.

However, it is a compulsive disorder that does not differ much from other addictions.

Addiction is the experience when it comes to Internet addiction.

This is different from taking a chemical drug.

For example, you cánido compare it to gambling.

Walking away is easy if you’re not addicted.

If you are addicted, you keep gambling, even when the stakes are too high and you have no money.

NetAddiction.com likens it to a relationship.

Anytime someone forms an addiction to anything, they form a relationship with their drug of choice.

In this case, a drug cánido be an de hoy drug or an activity.

If an addict doesn’t have access to their drug, they don’t feel habitual and have trouble functioning.

Internet addicts must have access, or they may feel depressed, angry, or out of control.

Types of Internet Addiction

Generally, there are five main types of Internet addiction, although there are subversions of each.

The main recognized types include:

  • Adult content
  • Financial addictions, such as gambling, shopping, and auctions.
  • Compulsive search for information
  • Cyber ​​relationships, both romantic and platonic.
  • En línea games

People cánido also be addicted to specific types of en línea activity, such as popular networks wave search for specific types of information.

Internet addiction prevalence

A 2019 study found that the average person around the world spends nearly seven hours en línea a day.

At the high end of the scale, people perro spend more than ten hours a day en línea.

Another study found that Americans spend about 11 hours a day interacting with screens.

This shouldn’t be surprising when you think about how much time you spend en línea at work, only to come home and log on to watch televisión or play aplicaciones on your phone.

In fact, a connected life is the norm for many.

According to NetAddiction, about 12 percent of Americans suffer from Internet addiction.

However, the number could be as high as 30 percent in other countries, such as China and Taiwan.

The criteria for establishing addiction is not always clear from study to study.

Different countries also have different ways of determining addiction.

The 2012 study referenced rates previously equipo at between less than 1 percent and 38 percent.

signs of addiction

When you start to think about everything you do en línea and how often you usually pick up your phone every day, you may think that you are definitely addicted.

But it’s not so black and white.

Regular use of the Internet does not equal addiction.

For most people, the use of the Internet is a necessity and a habit.

For example, you have to wear it at work or school.

As a habit, you perro use it to shop more conveniently or play games for fun after a hard day.

The distinction here is between a habit and an addiction.

A habit is a healthy use, and you could easily break it.

For example, you cánido check Feedly every morning for curated news, but only read while you eat breakfast.

An addict cannot leave her phone and may even continue reading while driving to work, while walking, and while he should be working.

Some of the main symptoms include:

  • Staying en línea longer just to feel better
  • Humor changes
  • Incessant fear of missing out beyond the usual FOMO
  • Easily lose time while en línea
  • Inability to stop, even when you know you have to
  • Negatively affects relationships and sin conexión popular activity
  • Negatively impacts work and school, such as using the Internet instead of paying attention or finishing work.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you cánido’t get access

People already dealing with depression and anxiety are at higher risk, as they may turn to the internet as a way to feel better and connect.

People diagnosed with fewer dopamine receptors or a mental chemical imbalance are also at higher risk.

However, it cánido happen to anyone.

How to deal with internet addiction

Listen to your friends and family if they express concerns.

Talk to them about any concerns you may have as well.

Also, try to take some time to see how it makes you feel.

Taking time away from the Internet cánido help prevent addiction.

Also, equipo timers to limit your usage.

Remember, if you feel that you are addicted, seek professional help.

Therapy is often the best way to beat Internet addiction to help you use the Internet in a safer and more productive way.

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 What is internet addiction?  It is real? 
  What is internet addiction?  It is real? 
  What is internet addiction?  It is real?

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