What is Gemba in a company?

What is Gemba in a company?

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What is gemba?

The word Gemba is traditionally translated as “the royal place”.

In business, the term refers to the place where the work is actually performed. It is about going to the origin of a manufacturing process and learning from what happens there.

Toyota has used gemba management as an integral part of its lean manufacturing system for decades.

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Also, you have to keep in mind that it is about being present and aware of what is happening in the workplace, in such a way that it allows you to identify problems in the production process and make adjustments before they become serious problems. .

What does gemba walk orinan?

In a nutshell, gemba walking means a walk to the job site to vea the current state of the job and identify any problems or issues.

It cánido also be used when a manager wants to check how workers are performing their tasks.

Therefore, a Gemba walk or a visit to the workplace provides insight into current processes by going directly to them to see how they are performing and if there are any issues that require attention.

This information is usually obtained from the people performing the task in question, rather than observing it through vídeo cameras or computer screens, since observations without physical interaction do not provide as much valuable data for improvement.

The goal of these walkthroughs is not only to take note of what is working well, but also to identify areas that require action for workflows within a company to improve efficiency, disminuye waste, and increase profitability.

How long does a walk to the workplace have to last?

A Gemba walk perro be as brief as an hour or two, but is usually a more in-depth process involving multiple visits to different sections of the workplace.

This is done so that employees have the opportunity to discuss what works well and where there are problems (in their activities).

Benefits of implementing Gemba

The benefits of implementing Gemba in a company are many.

Some are the following:

He first is that by going to the Gemba, managers cánido see for themselves what is going on in their organizations and address problems while they are at an early stage.

In other words, when management blindly trusts the figures that come from reports without seeing the reality of daily operations in workplaces (Gemba), they risk overlooking or ignoring important information that could be critical to make strategic decisions about performance improvement.

A second The benefit of gemba implementation is better quality control, since workers will feel more involved and committed to good performance if they understand how their actions affect customer satisfaction through increased productivity and decreased costs. defects.

A third The benefit of gemba is better planning through a greater flow of information, as managers will have a much clearer picture of how operations are progressing than if they just relied on reporting figures.


In short, the gemba is an incredibly useful tool that perro help us identify problems before they get out of hand.

If this sounds like a worthwhile investment to you, I recommend taking some time to learn more about how gemba works.

Have you implemented something afín in your company? I would like to know your experience.

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 What is Gemba in a company?
  What is Gemba in a company?
  What is Gemba in a company?

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