What is contability?

What is contability?

In today’s article I am going to talk about the call “language of business”, that is, I am going to talk to you about what the concept of accounting means. In such a way that at the end of the article, I have the objective that you have the necessary bases so that you are able to formulate your own definition.

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Definition of accounting according to authors

Next, I am going to provide you with the definition of accounting according to various authors, with the aim that at the end of the article you perro have the bases so that you cánido create your own definition.

Definition of accounting according to Gonzalo Sinisterra V., Luis Enrique Polanco I. and Harvey Henao G.

“It constitutes an information system integrated into the company, whose functions are to identify, measure, classify, record, interpret, analyze, evaluate and report the operations of an economic entity, in a clear, complete and reliable manner” (2011, p.2 ).

Gonzalo Sinisterra V

Definition according to Converses T. Horngren, Walter T. Harrison, and M. Suzanne Oliver

“Accounting is the information system that measures the activities of a business, processes the data into reports, and communicates the results to decision makers. Accounting is the language of business» (2010, p.2)

Definition according to Aníbal Irarrázabal C.

“Accounting perro be defined as the process of observing, measuring, classifying and summarizing the activities of an organization, expressed in monetary terms, and interpreting the resulting information” (2010, p.23).

Aníbal Irarrázabal C.

Definition according to Hernando Díaz Moreno

“Accounting perro be defined as the information system that makes it possible to identify, classify, record, summarize, interpret, analyze and evaluate, in monetary terms, the operations and transactions of an organization” (2011, p.4)

Hernando Diaz Moreno

Definition of accounting according to NIF A-1

“Accounting is a technique that is used to record transactions, internal transformations and other events that economically affect an entity and that produces systematic and structured financial information”

What is contability?

Next I am going to tell you the way in which I interpret what accounting is and I am going to give you my explanation.

We perro say that Accounting is an information system that provides us with information regarding all economic events that affect the assets of an entity.

Being a system, we perro say that it has at least three core elementos: inputs, transformation process and outputs.

In this case, the tiques They cánido be seen as that equipo of interrelated data (economic facts) that affect the assets of a company. In such a way that if capital is injected into the company, said fact affects the company’s equity and is taken as input into the system.

In it Transformation proccess, the data that meet the characteristics sought entrar and are identified, classified, registered, analyzed and interpreted. In short, data is processed according to a equipo of rules. Therefore, in this case, all accounting theory is used to process the data.

Lastly, in the case of Departures, the data has already been processed and a final result is obtained. In short, we obtain financial information manifested in the financial statements with which we cánido make decisions.

As you cánido see, it is a good way to understand what accounting is and it fulfills what the previous definitions say. In summary:

  • Tiques: economic events that affect the equity of an entity.
  • The process: All the accounting theory that allows to identify, classify, register, summarize, interpret, analyze and evaluate.
  • The output: financial information that enables decision making.

In such a way that we perro truly confirm what many authors say about Accounting is the language of business. TRUE?

What is your definition of accounting?


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 What is contability?
  What is contability?
  What is contability?

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