What is Bitgold and how does it work?

What is Bitgold and how does it work?

bitgold he payment processor with an innovative system that is currently driving everyone crazy, since you perro get free gold (you heard right, free gold!) for signing up with this payment processor.

Bitgold is a Canadian company that started in 2014 and is now taking off internationally, thanks to its incredible launching offer.

They seek to become a kind of PayPal, in this case for the Buying and selling gold and sending between users immediately and free of charge.

As if that were not enough, this company already has more than 100,000 active clients and is listed on the Toronto (Canada) depósito exchange.

In its launch offer, in many countries including Spain and only through referral they give away between 0.025 and 0.25 grams of goldwhich is equivalent between €1 and €8! If you are interested in winning some gold gramillos, keep reading!

Entrar: www.bitgold.com


The system used by Bitgold is afín to that of the Bitcoin, only in this case gold is used as a bargaining chip.

In this payment system, when we deposit money we will be proportionally converting it into gold and when we withdraw money, we will be selling the gold that we have in our account at the current price found at that moment.

It is not necessary to go buy or sell gold, this process is done automatic without having to do anything, in this way the money that we have in the account acquires a real value.

How to deposit money: To make deposits you will have to choose the payment method with which you want to add the funds, and then you will have to choose between several countries where the company’s gold reserves are located.

How to get free gold

This company has launched a promotion totally improbable, and it is that Bitgold as a promotion is giving between 0.010g ($0.50 approx.) and 0.25g ($9 approx.) of gold to the users registering and verifying their account! (These amounts may vary depending on the promotion carried out in each country). To be able to win the gold you only have to register through a referral backlink (backlink for guests), like the one below:

» Registration backlink (to get the gold): Goldmoney.com/r/Mrew1w

Attention: You will only receive gold if you register through someone’s invitation (referral) backlink.

If you register directly you will lose the promotion.

Create and verify Bitgold account

Once you have clicked on the registration backlink you will need to register by completing the registration form.

It is important that data that you entrar in the registry are real, since later you will have to verify the account with a photo of the DNI and your mobile phone, through a confirmation mensaje de texto.

Remember that you cánido only create one account per person.

Do not forget that it is necessary verify account to obtain the gold of the promotion and to carry out future operations with that system.

Finally when you complete the registration and verification you will be able to check the assigned amount of gold that you have received!

Why trade Bitgold?

This payment method has several advantages over other payment processors:

  • You perro have a credit card to withdraw the money.
  • Bitcoins cánido be exchanged for real money.
  • The price of gold tends to increase, since the demand for gold does not stop increasing.
  • Gold cannot go bankrupt, just like currencies or other values.
  • Gold ensures stability and reduces the risk of its price falling, since its market value is very stable and reliable.
  • In addition, the money you have in the account will not be fictitious money, but will be backed by gold.

These are some of its advantages, and of course, if you want invest in gold… this is perhaps one of the best platforms to do it and without taking risks. likewise the stability that gold offers, is not given by any currency, neither the dollar nor the euro, which offers the added value of a strong solidity in terms of market value.


A totally innovative iniciativa, no doubt.

Bitgold mixes the best of various systems such as Bitcoin and PayPal.

Thanks to the method offered by this company, it is possible to pay and transfer money/gold through an dirección de correo electrónico comfortably and without running any risk.

It is important to note that the supply of receive free gold It is only promotional for the launch and may be removed in the future.

So, if you want to take advantage of the promotion, register as soon as possible to get that free gold hehe.

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 What is Bitgold and how does it work?
  What is Bitgold and how does it work?
  What is Bitgold and how does it work?

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