What is benchmarking?

What is benchmarking?

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Definition of benchmarking according to authors

Definition according to Don Hellriegel, Susan Y también.

Jackson, and John W.


“Benchmarking is a term that refers to the systematic and continuous process used to measure and compare an organization’s goods, services and practices with those of leaders in its industry, anywhere in the world, for the purpose of obtaining information that will help you achieve better performance» (2021, p.273).

Don Hellriegel

Definition according to Heinz Weihrich, Mark Cannice, Harold Koontz

«Compare performance with the best companies» (2016, p. 98)

harold koontz

Definition according to Stephen P.


«The search for best practices between competitors and non-competitors, which allow them to achieve superior performance» (2018, p.


Stephen P Robbins

Definition according to Francisco Mochón Morcillo, María del Carmen Mochón and Marta Sáez Mochón

“Benchmarking is the process continuous and systematic that a company carries out, to pursue and achieve excellence, wherever it is.

It consists of measuring, analyzing and comparing the products, services and practices of our company, against those of its competition and against those of companies considered excellent in their management, whether they are competitors or not, in order to achieve organizational improvement.

» (2014, p.


Francisco Mochon Morcillo

Definition according to Philip Kotler

«The act of comparing the company’s products and processes with those of competitors or leading companies in other industries, to discover ways to improve quality and performance» (2012, p.531).

Philip Kotler

What is benchmarking?

As you cánido see, we perro say that benchmarking consists of taking other companies (your competition) as a point of reference and learning about how they do things in order to implement it in our organization.

Of course, it’s not just about copying, but you have to adapt what has been learned to the organization and improve it.

In such a way that what is done is to take a point of comparison to aim to improve.

Note: It is generally taken as a point of reference to your competition, but it is not completely necessary that you focus on companies that are within your same industry, but you cánido look at others.


If I tell you that I have a company that produces an article X in 5 hours, do you think I’m doing it right? Perhaps your answer would be… Regarding what? After all, to know if you’re doing something right, you have to compare it.

For example, if in the example above, we find out that another company makes the same item as my company, but does it in 2 hours, is my company doing it right? Well, I think something is wrong with my company, since I am taking 3 more hours to genera a very afín article.

This would make me think:

  • What makes the other company different?
  • As it does?
  • What do I need to achieve the same?
  • How much do you need to invest?
  • How long perro I achieve afín results?
  • Perro it be adapted to my company?

All of the above questions and more may start to come up.

Therefore, when we begin to compare what we do with respect to what other companies do, then we begin to see what we are doing well and what we are doing badly.

Once we identify the best practices of the other company (companies), then we perro begin to implement it in our company.

Of course, considering that they may have to adapt to our company and that it is not a question of copying, but of going further and improving.

As you cánido see, healthy competition is not a bad thing and perro push you or a company to push your limits.

Therefore, I am not afraid to affirm that Benchmarking is a powerful tool that allows a company to achieve a substantial improvement and increases its competitiveness.

Benchmarking evolution

The evolution of benchmarking, according to Francisco Mochón Morcillo, is as follows:

  • First stage: measure the company against competing companies.
  • Second stage: measure yourself against any excellent company.
  • Purpose: learn and incorporate excellence.


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 What is benchmarking?
  What is benchmarking?
  What is benchmarking?

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