What is automatic gain control in

What is automatic gain control in

If you’ve been trying to improve your audio quality on Discord, you may have come across the option to Automatic Gain Control.

This option is found in the Voice and Vídeo section within the Settings of the application and has more to do with the quality of your sound than you think.

So should you leave this feature on or should you disable it?

This article will explain Automatic Gain Control and help you improve the sound quality of your headphones without the need for any additional programa.

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What is Automatic Gain Control?

Let’s forget about Discord for a second and focus on the Automatic Gain Control itself.

Discord slow mode

Automatic Gain Control, or Antes de Cristofor short, is a closed-loop retroalimentación loop that regulates and adjusts the volume of an amplifier or chain of amplifiers.

This type of circuit is used in signal boosters for mobile phones.

If you’re not an RF engineer, and most likely you aren’t, the above definition doesn’t make much sense.

So let’s simplify it.

Imagine that you have seen your friend across the street.

Neither of you perro make it to the other side because the traffic is busy at that time.

So you start talking twenty feet from each other and wait for the opportunity to cross.

Since you are not so close, you have to speak loudly so that your friend perro hear you and understand what you are saying.

A few seconds have passed and the opportunity has presented itself.

There are no moors on the coast!

Your friend starts to cross the street towards you, and as he gets closer, you lower your voice.

You will be doing this, probably without realizing it, until you are face to face.

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The automatic gain control circuit works on the same principle, but with signals from mobile phones.

It plays a escencial role in maintaining the performance of your mobile phone signal booster.

Without automatic gain control, you wouldn’t get the same audio quality when making long distance calls.

Some signals, especially the strongest ones, could even interfere with yours, making the other party of your call inaudible.

As the importance of this circuit grew over the years, it began to expand into other areas.

So how did it find itself on Discord and does it have the same feature? The next section will give you an answer.

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What does automatic gain control orinan on Discord?

Discord connects jugadores from all over the world, allowing them to talk to each other while playing their favorite games.

Often the people speaking on the same Discord channel are continents apart.

With this in mind, a system that regulates their shared audio signals is absolutely necessary.

That system would have to amplify or decrease your signal as needed.

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With the above explanations, Automatic Gain Control is a pretty logical solution.

To answer the question, the Antes de Cristohas the same basic function, but has been used in a slightly different way for the purpose of the platform.

Although its advantages are obvious, Automatic Gain Control may actually do the opposite of what it is supposed to do.

In other words, it could lower the quality of your audio while you are in the game.

So where does this contradiction come from? Should you even enable this option on Discord?

Do I need to keep Automatic Gain Control enabled on Discord?

The Automatic Gain Control feature has turned out to be quite problematic on Discord.

The reasons why the developers have decided to include this feature are obvious, but player retroalimentación tells a different story.

There have been more than one case where Discord users have complained about the volume being automatically lowered when they are talking to someone.

This usually happens while they are in the game.

The answer as to why this occurs is not yet clear, but it could be because the Antes de Cristomisinterprets certain situations and signal strengths.

So what now?

If you are just playing a game with your friends, this would not be a big problem for you.

But, if you are recording your audio and vídeo for other purposes, such as YouTube vídeos, this could seriously compromise the quality of your content.

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So, if you notice that the volume and sound quality fluctuates often while you’re talking on Discord (and if this bothers you), try turning off the automatic gain control option.

Here’s how you’ll find it:

  1. Open your Discord aplicación.

    This will also work on Discord En línea.

  2. Clic on “Setting” in the lower left corner of your screen.

    Another window will open containing a equipo of adjustable options.

  3. Select Voice and Vídeo (Voice & Vídeo if you have it in English as in the following image).
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and turn off automatic gain control.

After disabling Automatic Gain Control on Discord, check if the issue persists.

You are now an expert in automatic earnings control on Discord

!! Congratulations!! You already know what Automatic Gain Control is and how it affects signals on Discord.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above issues with volume or overall sound quality, we hope you’ve resolved it with the help of this article.

Have you ever noticed this problem? Did turning off Automatic Gain Control help? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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 What is automatic gain control in
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