What is and how does STAKING on Binance work?

What is and how does STAKING on Binance work?

Staking is an alternative offered by Binance for block or semi-block crypto numbers. In exchange, the platform offers annual interest, which depending on the conditions, provides a kind of dividend on the depósito market, for maintaining a position in an asset or cryptocurrency.

We found Staking within Binance in the “Earn” section.

From now on you will be able to know much more about this wonderful function.

How to Stake on Binance in 2023

In Staking you cánido find 108 different options that allow you to see the variations during the day. Each Locked Staking column has a different purposeFrom now on we will explain what they are about.

  • Duration: The third column is “Duration (days)”, which is how long you want to stake.

    APY varies based on duration.

    The most common is to stake 15, 30, 60 or 90 days.

    There is no one-year staking, but if you want you cánido renew it.

To stake you must choose the crypto of your preference, you perro select it clicking on “Stake now”.

A window will open, in which you must place the amount of cryptos to stake.

According to the amount entered, the APY and interest will be shown to you.

You must check the box where you indicate that you have read the terms and then clic on “Confirm”.

Within the various staking options there is also “Defi Staking”, which is a staking for decentralized finance.

This option is available for quite habitual cryptos.

The best thing is that it provides you with information and a vídeo as a guide to use it correctly.

In Staking there is also a staked cómputo option in BTC and in your currency and the accumulated profit that is taken with that staked cómputo.

This is in the upper right.

How to see the benefits of Staking

If you want to see the benefits that you have generated in Staking, you should know that there are a section where you perro find all the active staking. You cánido access this section from “Wallet”, then clic on “Overview”, then you must clic on “Earn” and “Staking”.

In this last option you perro also release the staking ahead of time, if you don’t want it to end.

It is important that you know that if you release the staking you will lose the accumulated benefits.

As a final suggestion, we recommend the following vídeo tutorial, which will be useful for you to carry out the step by step.

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 What is and how does STAKING on Binance work?
  What is and how does STAKING on Binance work?
  What is and how does STAKING on Binance work?

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