WHAT is and HOW does a MATRIX of

WHAT is and HOW does a MATRIX of

In the arduous task of looking for investment systems with which earn money en línea, many times we come across extremely promising methods. Systems that assure us excellent profits starting from relatively low investments. With returns of 500%, 1000%, 3000% or even much more. We have already talked on the blog about PTCs, RevShares or profit sharing pages. Today, it’s time to analyze a lesser-known system that lately I’ve been seeing advertised everywhere.: the investment matrix.

Over the past month, I have received several messages “recommending” me to invest in these types of systems. I wonder if those users know exactly how an inversion matrix works? Basically, because they are sold to me as “reliable and sustainable systems”.

The investment matrix has been around forever and has always been considered a fraudulent business.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

What is an investment matrix

Those of you who have been working with en línea businesses for a long time probably take everything I will explain below for granted. However, it cánido be interesting for all those of you who are beginning to discover the different investment methods that are available on the web.

As I always say, it does not hurt to be cautious and be well informed in order to avoid possible scams. And even so, no one is 100% safe.

An investment matrix is ​​a system in which by paying an entry fee and inviting other users, we will get commissions for the investments made by these guests. The more people join the system by our recommendation, the bigger our network will be, and as such, the commissions we will receive will be bigger and bigger. In the end, we refer to users. And at the same time, these users will affiliate other users, who will be part of our second level. And so, until completing all the levels that the system itself allows us.

At this point, there should be no doubt in stating that an investment matrix is ​​a Ponzi. As we saw in the articulo in which we talked about what what are RevShares, a ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation with a pyramid structure, in which interest is paid with the money invested by new users. With the flow of money that is coming in, the commissions of the oldest members are paid. Although it must be qualified, that in the investment matrix, the oldest users also have to pay for upgrades over time to receive the commissions of the lower levels.

Characteristics of an investment matrix

We are going to qualify some points before continuing with the analysis of the operation of an investment matrix:

» There are different types of matrices. Among others, there are matrices of various levels, forced or not forced, with a limitation of referrals at each level (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, …), cyclers, hybrid matrices, with different quotas of investment etcétera

» An investment matrix is ​​neither a RevShare, nor a profit sharing page, nor a Hyip. Of course, with few exceptions (if there are any) These businesses are all Ponzi schemes..

» One of the differential factors of matrices is he referral spill. It only affects forced arrays though.

» Being us the first level, we will have to pay upgrades to receive commissions from users who are at lower levels. In this way, we will pay an additional fee to receive the commissions generated by the second level. And so, successively, to receive commissions from the third level, from the fourth, from the fifth,…

» Money going into an investment matrix changes hands, from one usuario to another, without any additional income of any other type. At the moment that money stops coming in from the users, Game Over and goodbye matrix.

» An investment matrix it is fed back with the money invested by the users themselves.

In order not to lose our money, we are obligated to refer other people if or if (although in the case of a forced matrix, this data would not be entirely correct).

How an investment matrix works

For understand and check how matrices work more clearly, We will use the following image. We will take as an example a forced (pure) investment matrix, 3×3, with 4 levels of depth and whose initial contribution is $10.

1. Since we are the person at the top, on the first level, we would have to pay $10 before starting to create our network. That will be our initial investment.

2. Then we would invite 3 people They would pay $10 each. The total sum that we would receive would be $30. From here, we could stand at a net profit of $20. Or, buy an upgrade and receive commissions for the referrals of our guests (which would be our third level). To continue with the example, we will pay for the upgrade and continue until the end.

3. Being a forced 3×3 matrix, our second level would be completed by inviting 3 people. If we invited a fourth, it would fall directly to the third level, being referred from one of the people on our second level.

4. Once the upgrade is purchased, we would already be in a position to receive the commissions generated by the upgrades of our second level. Depending on the matrix and the conditions that it has stipulated, we would also receive commissions from our third level and from the subsequent ones.

5. It must be taken into account that the upgrades would not be of $10, but of a greater amount. In general, in the matrix of this example, the price of the first upgrade would be around $25.

Perro you make money in a matrix?

Of course money perro be made with an investment matrix… as long as someone loses it. We cánido give thousands of examples, but there will always be someone who loses their money so that someone else perro earn it. And in most cases, those who lose their money will be those who occupy a place in the lower levels. In an investment matrix, it is essential to refer other people. Although in the case of investing in a forced matrix, we cánido leave that task in the hands of our upline and let the spill do the rest.

Doing the math, to earn a certain amount of money, we depend on the volume of users that we are able to refer. Even to recover our investment, we have to refer.

– When does the problem come? When no one puts money in the matrix.

– Who loses their money? The last users who have paid the fee or the sponsors who have bought an upgrade and have not been able to make it profitable.

Based on the fact that to earn money we have to recruit other people, let’s say that here the morality of each one comes into play. And at this point, which is quite delicate, I ask you to understand what I orinan. It’s one thing to know exactly how an investment matrix works and pass that information on accordingly. If so, whoever enters the system knows what is going on and knows the risks he runs when depositing money. And the other possibility is to tell people that it is a reliable, sustainable system with a future. Which, in essence, was what they told me in the messages that I mentioned to you at the beginning.

“In the end, each one of us is responsible for knowing where he is going.”


I perro understand that a person who is just starting out may be tempted to get carried away and simply invest in these systems. When one is told, for example, that if he invests 0.03 btc he perro earn 64 btc, the habitual thing is that his eyes widen and he pull head But on the other hand, it does not hurt to know all the risks attached to an investment matrix.

«There is a Spanish proverb that goes like this: Nobody gives hard four pesetas. And here, it applies perfectly.”

By way of reflection, I must say that the matrices that I am seeing recently announced only allow investing through bitcoins. There are others that allow you to entrar with Paypal, Payza and other processors. But focusing on those that work with bitcoins, it is worth remembering that there is no electronic wallet that allows disputes to be opened. So watch out. Neither coinbase neither Blockchain nor any other.

From now on, we already know how these systems work. If we want to risk and invest, go ahead. But if this is not the case, it is best to stay on the sidelines and focus on making money using pages that do not require any investment, that are free and that have been at the bottom of the canyon for several years. It doesn’t matter if they are for earn free BTC that are paid surveys. The question is that they are reliable. In this way we will avoid unnecessary risks.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 WHAT is and HOW does a MATRIX of
  WHAT is and HOW does a MATRIX of
  WHAT is and HOW does a MATRIX of

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