What is an APN (Access Point Name) and

What is an APN (Access Point Name) and

Definition and explanation of access point names (APNs).

An Access Point Name (APN) in mobile phones establishes a connection to the gateway between the operator’s network and the Internet.

The APN finds the IP address by which the device identifies itself on the network, determines if a private network is needed, chooses the correct security settings, and much more.

The APN for T-Mobile is fast.tmobile.com for 4G LTE devices.

An older one is wap.voicestream.com, and the APN for the T-Mobile Sidekick is hiptop.voicestream.com.

The APN name for AT&T teléfonos inteligentes is NXTGENPHONE, modems and netbooks is isp.cingular, for all smartwatches it is Phone, and for AT&T mobile broadband and tabletas it is broadband.

The APN for Verizon is vzwinternet for Internet connections and vzwims for text messages.

Note: APN perro also orinan other things, even if they have nothing to do with mobile phones, like Advanced Practice Nurse.

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The different APN settings

APN settings usually include several specific configuration nodes:

  • APNs: In the United States, the APN name is usually the majority.
  • APN Type: Generic, supl, mms and wap are the four types of APNs.
  • MMSC: The multimedia messaging service is only necessary when using MMS.

    It is a requirement on most mobile virtual network operators that use MMS.

  • proxy: Some mobile phone operators use this setting to establish a proxy between the network and the Internet, afín to a proxy on a computer.
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Change APN

Normally, the APN is automatically equipo or detected for your phone or tablet, which means you don’t need to make any changes to the APN settings.

Mobile carriers use different prices for different APNs.

Switching from one carrier to another may ocasione you to switch from one type of data plan to another.

It may also ocasione problems and plus charges on your wireless bill, so changing the APN is not advised.

However, there are some reasons to change or modify the APN:

  • The APN settings are not correct and give an fallo message that a cellular data network could not be activated.
  • You have an unlocked phone and want to use it with a different carrier.
  • You are on a prepaid plan and do not want to be charged for data usage or to avoid data overages.
  • You are traveling outside of your mobile provider’s service area and want to avoid data roaming charges.

Learn how to change the APN settings on your device to avoid problems and fallo messages.

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 What is an APN (Access Point Name) and
  What is an APN (Access Point Name) and
  What is an APN (Access Point Name) and

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