What is Affiliate Marketing and how

What is Affiliate Marketing and how

You’ve probably heard of the Affiliate Marketingbut do you know what it is?

This technique, also called “Affiliate Marketing”, is a strategy that is increasingly used by everyone who starts with a blog.

In fact, affiliate marketing in Spain is one of the most profitable monetization strategies if you want earn money on internetalthough in return it will require time and dedication on your part.

But this is not only a very advantageous technique for weblogs, but also the other party should be taken into account: brands or companies that have affiliate programs.

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These businesses benefit from the visibility that bloggers do, since they promote their most outstanding products or services in their digital communication channels with the greatest potential.

However, if you still do not know what it is, I will start by clearly defining this system, since you may be wondering:


What is Affiliate Marketing?

He Affiliate Marketing or in English “Affiliate Marketing” is the strategy that backlinks a usuario or “affiliate” with a platform or company, through a product or service of said company that the affiliate promotes in exchange for a commission.

In other words, we would be recommending to a third party the purchase or contracting of a product or service respectively from our own platform.

This, on the Internet, is usually done through a affiliate backlinkwhich is usually customized for that specific affiliate.

Bearing in mind that, after this definition, you already know what Affiliate Marketing is, I also wanted to offer you a complete guide on this subject, in which you will learn everything you need to start putting it into practice from today.

And for this, who better to do it than Edith Gómez, who is a specialist in digital monetization techniques.

Let’s go with her!

Affiliate Marketing Guide How to use it to monetize your blog?

If you are a blogger or, at least, a digital marketing professional and you are just starting out, you have probably been asked at some point how to monetize your blog and make money with it.

And it is that most people have no iniciativa of where to start and they are presented with many confusions before trying it for the first time.

But carrying out this technique is easier than you imagine, since once you have taken the first step and you have created your own blogthis may be one of the alternatives to monetize your digital platform.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?

What makes affiliate marketing so attractive is that:

● You do not need to have your own products

By practicing it, you don’t have to create any products, make huge investments in inventory, deal with customer service and all the other headaches of being a store owner.

All you have to do is promote and recommend the products you love and you are convinced of its quality and operation, because you have complete freedom to select what you want to promote.

● It is a passive source of income

This makes affiliate marketing a passive source of income, because when you create a articulo in the form of a product recommendation, you perro win over and over again with that articulo, as many people will read it.

The more posts you have, the more chances you have to rank higher in search engines.

And the more traffic you get, the more commissions you cánido earn from your blog.

But, focusing on the terminology of this commercial system, it is necessary that you know some of the concepts that I will handle in this step-by-step guide:

What terms or technicalities of “Affiliate Marketing” I must know?

Before going any further in this article, I want to explain some of the terms most used in this sales strategy, such as affiliate marketing:

► Affiliate backlink

This is the backlink or backlink that companies offer you to promote their products.

It cánido be specific to a especial product on your website, but it perro also be a search page or category.

This affiliate backlink tracks users going from your website to their website so the commissions come back to you.

  • Next, I will give you an example:

In the event that we want to affiliate with any hosting provider or Web hostingas is the case of Webempresa, which, as you know, is one of the most powerful and in which this same blog is hosted, you perro do it like this:

Webempresa, your hosting with FREE SSL Certificate (20% DISCOUNT)

In the first case, once you register on their referral platform, they will give you a backlink afín to this one, with which you cánido recommend your hire to your reading community which, if you look closely, is personalized with a unique ID that identifies you:

Trick! You may think that these types of backlinks are unsightly and friendly.

The truth is that yes, I think the same.

Therefore, I use “Pretty Backlinks«, the complemento to be able to make these backlinks look like your own domain.

In this case, if you clic or type in your address bar this: you would also go to the above dirección de Internet.

However, now it is much more attractive.

► Affiliate products

These are products that you perro promote and from which you cánido earn a commission.

Using the example above, the product here would be purchase or “Hiring Webempresa Hosting«.

Affiliate programs or platforms

When looking for affiliate products, you first need to know if the company has affiliate programs.

Companies create referral programs of this type if they want others to promote their products and, in return, pay them a commission or fee for their referral.

Normally, to identify if the company you have in mind right now and want to promote has this type of system or not, it is usually reflected in the pié de página or bottom part of the web.

affiliate networks

There are websites that bring together publishers and advertisers from different pages (companies that offer this type of program) in one place.

In other words, we would be talking about a kind of marketplace of this type of product or service.

The network basically runs the affiliate program for companies that have a presence on the Internet.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make much sense.

► Commissions

It is the money you earn when someone clicks on your affiliate backlink and you earn a flat fee, or a percentage of the sale.

This is predetermined and should be known before joining any affiliate program.

  • As I know that, when we talk about money, this is a topic that attracts all of our attention, I will give you an example:

The Amazon affiliate platform is one of the most important, relevant and well-known today and, for products related to the soccer and sports in general, as well as for the sale and download eBooks or electronic booksthe commission is 7%.

On the other hand, for everything related to clothing, accessories and fashion elementos, this would be 10%.

What are the basic pillars of affiliate marketing?

These are the factors or variants that intervene in this affiliate marketing system or strategy, so that by putting it into practice, you obtain the expected success:

● Cookies

Most affiliate managers overlook the importance of their cookie structure, instead focusing on identifying and refining their publisher base.

But if sales are attributed incorrectly or unfairly, publishers will never perform to their full potential.

Many networks of this type offer the ability to finely adjust how cookies workbeing the three most common types:

  • He articulo-clic.
  • Articulo-print.
  • Soft clic.

● Data

Create a commission structure that effectively rewards your publishers while also protecting themselves advertisers’ marginsit’s hard.

Advances in the way advertisers equipo and report commissions have definitely improved the situation.

However, most advertisers do not use all the tools available.

The ability to pipe data from your correo electrónico manager your affiliate backlink, including through the tracking pixel, should allow advertisers to create commission structures that reward publishers correctly.

● Device tracking

Traditionally, advertisers see mobile as the tool used by customers to browse while shopping takes place on your desktop, but as many of us know, that’s no longer true.

Consumers are now more likely to browse and shop on their mobile devices, with m-commerce market share increasing dramatically year-over-year.

● Transaction validation automation

In many cases, we continue to see advertisers ignoring commission validationthen reacting appropriately (or inappropriately) to that, when they realize the scale of the money lost.

It’s strange that we don’t see more advertisers using the ability to automate commission validation, which backlinks their eCommerce platforms to their affiliate network.

how perro i know what products i owe promote?

Infographic of the blog gananci.com

Fortunately, publishers have ways that they perro measure the value of an affiliate program before making a decision on which products to promote.

For this, the recommended procedure to know how to choose perro be the following:

1) Research and familiarize yourself with the product

First of all, the more you know and familiarize yourself with the product before promoting it, the better.

Read reviews and opinions of other users if necessary, in order to contrast your own opinion.

2) Verify that the product provides quality to others

Check the product’s website and Google plus all the information out there about the brand.

In other words, inquire about the quality of the product.

Keep in mind that the products you promote must be aligned with your brand and mission, therefore, your own Personal Brand is also at stake here.

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4) Quantify the percentage of commission that you will charge

Afterwards, each affiliate program will display its commission structure on your affiliate program page.

Review the structure to determine the commission percentage you will receive.

Also review information about payments, such as how that you will be paid and how often.

Make sure the product is financially posible, compared to the amount of time you’ll spend promoting it.

5) Duration of the cookie

Lastly, be sure to look at the cookie lifetime to understand the lifetime of the affiliate cookie.

Cookies cánido last between 24 hours (as in the case of Amazon Spain) and for life, depending on the affiliate program you choose.

What consejos to follow to make good use of affiliate marketing?

Once you know what Affiliate Marketing is and what are the keys to knowing which products to promote, you should follow these consejos to put them into practice:

▷ Choose a specific commercial niche

One of the biggest mistakes when starting out is aim at everything.

That is, promoting a wide range of habitual and disparate products and services.

In this way, it is almost impossible to generate enough relevant and sustainable traffic to constantly compete, since you will diversify and lose credibility.

▷ Generate content of (a lot) value

An effective affiliate campaign strays away from basic marketing strategies. pay per clic (CPC) or afín, by focusing on quality content (instead of specific products) to a certain objetivo audience.

In other words, the key that will open the doors of success in this digital monetization system is the Content Marketing o «Content Marketing», coming from the primordial coger: A BLOG.

And if we add to this a powerful content strategy based on an effective promotion of the contents of your blogmuch better, since you will be potentially reaching a greater number of people who could be interested in those products that you are recommending.

The way to forge productive relationships through the Internet is through the constant generation of content loaded with information that your readers or listeners may find relevant and interesting.

It’s the first thing that attracts an audience to your channel, forcing them to keep coming back and establishing a level of authority that help your community members feel comfortablereading and listening to the advantages of the products you promote.

By providing them with practical information, you become a resource they will value and are likely to share through their popular networkswith your friends and family.

▷ Multichannel promotion

Although an essential component of a successful content strategy for this type of business technique is content marketing coupled with a SEO optimization in order to attract search trafficfew will succeed without the basic look and feel of a cross-channel marketing campaign.

A healthy flow of qualified traffic is the fuel that drives the affiliate marketing machine and the best way to broaden your reach, increase exposure, and forge deeper connections.

Since creating a list of communications through correo electrónico marketingto the promotion of your content through popular channels and en línea dissemination.

The iniciativa is to make all your actions and efforts work in unison to build your audience and promote your brand.

What are the best affiliate product platforms to promote?

1) Amazon Affiliates

Amazon is the destination for many people around the world if they are looking for things to buy en línea.

In fact, this company is probably the largest independent affiliate network.

This is also because Amazon has it all: from your dog’s hair brush to the latest trendy tech dispositivos.

They also have great deals and promotions that cánido earn you commissions.

Not only that they have the tools you need that are website friendly, so it’s easy for people like you to be an affiliate.

2) Clickbank

This platform is known to be an affiliate publisher with more than 500,000 members around the world.

That alone tells you that there are plenty of products to promote from all business sectors.

This site is the main source of sales of digital products and information products such as electronic books, and some provisions for physical sales.

3) eBay

It has been on the internet for almost as long as we cánido remember.

In fact, it is one of the first en línea stores on the network, with more than 162 million active customers and 5 million sellers.

You perro definitely find relevant products here to promote to your audience.

It is also open to 13 countries worldwide, so there is a great oportunidad that you as an affiliate cánido access global customers.

4) Rakuten

Previously it was called LinkShareand it is a service of this type with a good reputation.

It also offers a wide range of other marketing solutions, but primarily works with larger companies, specifically those with a marketing and sales budget. annual.


Until you start using this digital monetization technique, you won’t be able to know how much money perro be made with affiliate marketing.

This is truly a true digital business opportunity that perro earn you more than an plus income per month.

It all starts with creating your own blog, testing quality products and, if they work for you, recommending them to other users who might also find them useful.

Have you already tried affiliate marketing? What affiliate program do you currently use?

We hope you liked our article What is Affiliate Marketing and how
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 What is Affiliate Marketing and how
  What is Affiliate Marketing and how
  What is Affiliate Marketing and how

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