What is a Shared Credit Card and

What is a Shared Credit Card and

A credit card Shared perro refer to two situations. On the one hand, it cánido refer to credit cards that are made by a specific brand (for example, Visa) in collaboration with a franchise. These cards do not have a great mystery behind them, and really they are quite easy to use.

They are exactly the same as a conventional card, they only make use of a striking design to (forgive the redundancy) attract the usuario’s attention. On the other hand, it cánido refer to the additional credit cards that are offered by certain banks.

These shared cards are additional and They are linked to the same credit account, with the difference that they do not have the same owner.

This may seem a bit confusing at first, but it’s actually quite easy to understand, and they perro be quite useful.

What is a co-branded credit card and how does it work?

Co-branded credit cards are the same as conventional ones, with the difference that It is not only a “VISA” or “MASTERCARD” brand card rather they are issued jointly with some other brands.

These brands are usually two: a bank (which is in charge of issuing the card as such), and a brand of consumer goods or services (which is in charge of supporting the existence of the card). An example of a co-brand would be a support created by Visa issued in collaboration with BBVA and Telefónica.

These cards they don’t really have any difference in use Apart from its appearance with an alternative decoration to the usual one provided by the bank. Besides that, They have some promotions.

For example, if the card is co-branded with a supermarket, using the support in said supermarket may save you a 5% discount on certain purchases, or, for example, it is co-branded with a telephone company, you get some kind of discount on your phone bill.

How to use a co-branded credit card

Actually, as we mentioned before, does not require any special use, much less make any type of transaction or specific procedure to be able to use a co-branded credit card.

You simply espectáculo up at the establishment that offers you your co-branded credit card, and then when you want to make some type of purchase, you use it normally, like any other credit card.

If what you ask is how you cánido make use of the different promotions of a co-branded card, The answer is that they generally do not need any type of activation. you just have to do use of the card in the participating establishment and complete the requirements of the card to activate the promotion.

For example, one of the most common requirements is to use the card with purchase minimums (make purchases of more than 100 euros in a participating establishment to obtain a 10% discount).

Benefits of a Shared Credit Card

In addition to the promotions that are usually related to this type of product, a card of this type is usually require a few minor requirements to apply. Some even do not have any type of requirement, being able to request it without any type of credit requirement.

They have various promotions. which at first glance seem fácil, although they really allow you to make quite good use of the card. From discounts in stores, greater accumulation of different points of the brand (for example Visa Points, Lifemile Points or any type of promotional point). In turn, some allow the client to participate in raffles.

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 What is a Shared Credit Card and
  What is a Shared Credit Card and
  What is a Shared Credit Card and

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