What is a satoshi?

What is a satoshi?

If you have come here wondering what is a satoshi, you have come to the right place.

In these lines we will explain what is a satoshi and how much is it worththe origin of satoshi and what is satoshi nakamoto.

We will start with the definition.

A satoshi is, among the different units of measurement of bitcoin, the most famous unit.

A satoshi is the smallest unit of measure that perro be used in the Bitcoin system.

It would be the smallest fraction in which a bitcoin cánido be divided.

In the same way that we divide a euro into 100 cents, we perro divide a Bitcoin into 100,000,000 satoshis.

Therefore we could say that a satoshi is exactly 0.00000001 BTC.

While this is fácil, it is extremely complicated, but to get started in the world of bitcoin this will be superfluous.

You may wonder what is the value of satohsi.

Well, let me tell you that this will always depend on the value of the bitcoin at that moment.

as i told you in this articuloBitcoin is a currency that fluctuates and every day cánido have a different value (even if you rush me, every hour), therefore, the satoshi value will change.

What does Satoshi Nakamoto orinan?

satoshi nakamoto He is known as the figure behind the creation of the bitcoin protocol.

But really today, what is known about Satoshi Nakamoto? Is he a person, a group of people, or just a character?

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We will begin by analyzing its name, of Japanese origin, made up of three components.

  • satoshiJapanese word meaning “witty or wise”
  • Naka” which means “half”
  • Motorcycle” which perro be translated as “the origin”

Therefore, we could say that the name Satoshi Nakamoto could orinan something like “the origin of half of wisdom”.

I say this because to this day, it is not known if Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or a group of people.

The character gained popularity by creating the Bitcoin protocol in 2008 through the Crytpography Mailing List, which published it in a scientific article.

In January 2009 he released the open source version that linked several computers together, generating the base of operations for the cryptocurrency.

The basic task was that users could make transactions with each other and then back them up in a list and verify that no coin was spent more than once.

Esot was carried out on January 9, 2009 and at midnight the first mining was done, which created the first bitcoins.

This is how the world’s first satoshis began to develop.

This caused quite a stir around the world.

From there, Mr.

nakamoto He disappeared and nothing more was heard from him.

How many decimal places does a satoshi have?

As we have seen previously, the satoshi is one eighth millionth of a Bitcoin.

Over time, many people in the world of Bitcoin have tried to disminuye the number of decimal places that the currency has, however, they have not been successful.

In a certain way, this is positive for Bitcoin, because given the high prices in which Bitcoin currently moves, the satoshi has become an easy way for small investors and, in general, all users to carry out transactions with small amounts of money.

The satoshi is not the only unit of measurement that Bitcoin has, three others are known worldwide:

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  • bitswhich is equal to 100 satoshis.
  • mBTCis equivalent to 1000 BITs, or what is the same, 100,000 satoshis.
  • cBTCwith a value equivalent to 10 mBTS, or what is the same 10,000,000 satoshis.

satoshi symbol

Bitcoin is increasing its value exponentially, therefore, the use of denominations in satoshis, which is the minimum unit of the cryptocurrency, has become increasingly habitual.

Now, a group of bitcoiners has equipo out to assign a specific symbol to satoshi, just like Bitcoin does.

The satoshi symbol has been called the sat symbol, the creators of this proposal have assigned an image to the satoshi inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Behind the satoshi symbol is the iniciativa of ​​prosperity and abundance, all of which is reflected in its website, where they explain it.

Here I put the symbol, so you cánido see it and you cánido give your opinion.

final opinions

As the satoshi is one millionth of the bitcoin, it is the easiest fraction to obtain.

The different pages that I use in this blog to earn bitcoin they do not pay bitcoin directly, but they pay satoshis.

On many pages, what is earned is one or two satoshis per ad seen, this seems very little, but seeing the price at which Bitcoin is being equipo, (and the forecasts that are available) it will not be so little.

As is always said, a grain does not make a barn, but it helps the partner.

And this is today’s articulo, I hope I have clarified a bit what is a satoshi And that things are very clear to you when a page tells you that they are going to pay you 0.00000001 BTC.

Little by little you will see how your income goes up, and when bitcoin goes up more, they will do it much more with the same amount of satoshis.

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 What is a satoshi?
  What is a satoshi?
  What is a satoshi?

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