What is a Query and what is its importance in

What is a Query and what is its importance in

Know What does “QUERY” orinan in Spanish? And what does this term refer to when we refer to content marketing?

Sometimes, it may seem that generating content is something fácil and that the techniques you need to master in order to position the palabras clave or palabras clave for said content are basic.

However it is not always so.

It is not so easy to write on the Internet, much less to position your articles the way you want.

The point is that for Google plus to position you in the top positions of the SERP, you need know what content will satisfy the needs of your usersquestion for which you have to have a minimum knowledge in SEO.

For this reason, it is more than convenient that you know the meaning and definition of what a query is, since it is a term that, as I will espectáculo you throughout this article, will allow you to offer users exactly that content that meets their needs.


What is a Query?

The Anglo-Saxon termQUERY» literally means «doubt or query».

Therefore, if we take it to the digital field, we cánido say that it is about all the queries that users make in Google plus or any other search engine, to find content that solves your doubts.

If we examine its origins, this concept comes from «query string«, which in computing refers to a request for certain information contained in a database (database) or, in general, any interaction carried out around it.

When extrapolated to the Internet, you will understand that this explanation makes sense, since in reality the palabras clave that we type in the search engine are that request for information.

Likewise, Google plus itself is the one that contains the database, which it will organize accordingly to offer you a search results pagealso called SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

A query, when defined as all those real terms written in the handwriting (or keyboard, in this case) by a person implies all those nuances that differentiate us from each other, such as:

  • The misspellings with which they write.
  • More or less local expressions that are used when writing in the search engine.
  • Accuracy and ability to be explicit when performing a search.

Differences between Query and keyword (or keyword)

Are they the same concept? They’re synonyms?

Keep reading and you will know why we should not confuse these two terms…

Having made it clear what a Query is, it is clear that doubts begin to arise about what, then, are the main differences between this term and the keyword or keyword.

I cánido already tell you that they are not the same at all.

What you are going to discover next is where the exact differences between both concepts are.

This step is essential, since this will be the moment in which we realize Why should we use some terms instead of others? to be able to find and position specific content on the Internet.

Knowing the relevance between both concepts and that both are related to the searches and preferences of the Google plus algorithm, these are the aspects that orinan that we are not talking about synonyms:

» The query is the ‘real’ phrase typed in the search engine

The keyword is the exact concept with which it appears labelled certain content; however, this is the word or phrase that the usuario is searching through and that the Google plus algorithm interprets flexibly .

In this way, the search engine tries to find the most appropriate content, according to what it believes will resolve that doubt or question, based on the usuario’s preferences.

» Palabras clave are terms that are always spelled correctly

What has been said above makes it clear that:

The keyword is the ‘perfectly written’ word with which the usuario should define their search intentions, while the query is the phrase through which the usuario insinuates what they are looking for and leaves the door open to content other than the search engine. proposes.

Palabras clave are never misspelled or leave room for doubt.

However, the queries usually contain, sometimes, misspellings or do not make as much sense as the usuario believes in a phase prior to carrying out the search.

» A query perro have ‘localist’ connotations

Besides, palabras clave are always formal and generic wordswhich everyone knows and whose use does not depend on the usuario belonging to a especial culture.

However, a query cánido be words that not everyone emplees and that have a formal synonym, which could be used and understood by all users.

Query vs.

Keyword Examples

As it happens in most of the cases in which we try to clarify a somewhat technical and/or abstract concept, everything is more simply explained with real examples.

» In the event that the search that the usuario was to carry out, had to see the positioning of sandwich restoranes on the results page:

  • The keyword could be “sandwich lugar de comidas”.
  • Instead, the query would be “bokatas lugar de comidas”.

The Google plus algorithm, being so sensitive and maleableit will understand what the usuario’s intention is when searching for the query, but the keyword would have been the ideal way to search for the content.

» Following these premises, consider the case in which the person in charge of a company wants to enhance the visibility of his business on the Internet through the periodic generation of SEO-optimized content on his corporate blog.

When looking for a professional on Google plus to help you with these tasks, you perro do it by:

The difference is clear, right?

What is the Query for and what are its benefits for the SEO of your website?

Once we know the definition of what a query is in the digital field and its discrepancies in terms of meaning with the concept of «Keyword», the next question to solve will be to understand what are its benefits.

And, above all, the benefits of taking it into account within a professional content strategy.

As a summary, these would be its main utilities:

  • It is in resolving this question when we realize how important it is to use the exact words to find the right content.
  • All this is that one of the main characteristics of the Google plus algorithm is flexibilitywhich means that the elabora for ordering the results pages that appear in the SERP is constantly changing.
  • Furthermore, this algorithm is becoming much more sensitive.

    So much so that when searching, it will always try to anticipate the usuario’s intentions.

  • Thus, it is convenient express the search intent clearly in itso that it perro understand and find exactly what we want as users.
  • In addition, emphasizing the relevance of the usuario’s search intention for the Google plus algorithm, it should be noted that thanks to this sensitivity that I was talking about before, it is no longer so important that the query is identical to the keywordso that the result is certain and exact.

This means that for this algorithm, the usuario’s intention weighs more than the search keyword (it puts intentions before facts) and that is why this term has gained importance over the keyword.

Why should we generate content that meets the needs of users?

To finish off this articulo and, with the answers to the questions that we have asked ourselves in this brief lesson on basic concepts in SEO and Content Marketing, we still have to answer the question:

Why should I generate content on my Blog that meets the needs of my community?

The The answer is what gives meaning to all activity in the world of web positioning, related to blogging.

Bearing in mind that you already know what a query is and its importance within a content strategy, as professionals in the en línea world we are interested in certain pages appearing before others in the SERP, precisely based on their SEO relevance.

In fact, what we are looking for is to generate the most convenient content according to the parameters of the Google plus algorithm, in order to appear as well positioned as possible in this SERP and get more organic traffic.

So the answer to this question is very fácil.

We bother to satisfy users with content that suits their needs in order to appear as high as possible.

And, therefore, intentionally getting the pages that interest us more than others to reach a greater number of visits.

Did you know the concept of Query within a digital content and SEO strategy?

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I would love to know if you have any questions about this concept, let me know in the comments!

In this way, we will be able to discuss this very interesting topic of Internet searches.

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 What is a Query and what is its importance in
  What is a Query and what is its importance in
  What is a Query and what is its importance in

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