What is a money stash and how does it work?

What is a money stash and how does it work?

The lots of money They are savings plans that are established among a group of people who want to create the same goal, that of making an established sum of money in a month.

In this sense, we must understand that a batch of money It is a saving that is made in a group that is established with commitment to achieve saving a good amount of money in an established term of money, taking into account that all the people who are in the group will contribute the same amount to create the savings, and that they will also receive the same amount when it is their turn to obtain the financial gain from such savings.

To establish a clearer answer to the question of What is a batch? We must specify that a tanda is a group that is organized by means of an administrator, in which certain rules are established and a specific amount is assigned to save, therefore, all the people in the group must contribute the same amount, taking Keep in mind that it is an amount that allows you to reach the established savings budget.

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  • How does a batch work?

    It is very fácil, after the savings have been established, then numbers are assigned to the people, from 1 to 20, for example, if there are 20 people who have made up the group, and referring to these numbers, the people are reviving the total savings, that is, first number one receives all the money, then number two and so on, this being the way in which how a batch works

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  • batch type

    Now that we have clarified what is a batch and how a batch worksIt is also important to understand that there are three types of batch that are established according to the needs of the people that will form the group, these being the following:

    • batches of money: They are established through a group of people who escoge to form an association to give each month or according to the established time, an agreed amount of money that allows creating final savings.
    • Product batches: We are talking about a group of customers who have the possibility of buying in installments, so the seller collects the money and assigns the products to each person according to the shift.
    • Savings banks: This is a especial case, since we are talking about the fact that it is the same person who establishes the amount to be deposited and the time in which it will be done, with the intention of having and against a savings fund that allows them to have additional financial remuneration. .

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  • How does a batch of 11 numbers work?

    The lots of money are an informal savings technique, and in the case of 11 numbers organization is very easy, it’s just a matter of there being a group of 11 people where they will establish a certain amount to pay each week or each month, this according to the goal that has been established in the group.

    When the money is complete, each member of the group will receive what is stipulated within the stipulated period, which means that all 11 will receive the same money but in the time that corresponds to them.

    If the process is carried out for weeks, then we talk about what they are 11 weeks to carry out the dynamics.

    This has its pros and cons, because when we talk about informal savings, we are referring to the fact that there is no legal institution that establishes order in the group, therefore, at some point, many of the members may stop contributing , and then there is a lack of control in terms of money causing certain problems.

    On the other hand, the benefits are that of a joint savings that allows people to create the habit of saving, of being responsible and of course, of having a weekly or monthly profit that helps them to solve many expenses.

    How to make a batch of money?

    First of all, it is important to understand that the tanda is an informal saving practice which turns out to be, in addition to being beneficial, inconvenient, or rather, a bit dangerous, since we are talking about a practice that is not governed by any authority.

    However, in México it is one of the most used practices for financial gain, so in this space we will talk about the way in which how to make a batch of money make it effective

    The first thing to do is group a number of people, it cánido be 5, 10, 15… who want to save together to enjoy a much larger sum of money in the time that corresponds to them.

    After establishing the group, you must assign an administrator which will be the one that establishes all the conditions, that is, the final amount to be saved, the time in which the savings will be made and the time in which each person will enjoy that savings.

    The administrator will be the one who receives the money from everyone in the group to put it together and give it to each person according to the time, highlighting that the batch it lasts according to the stipulated time and the number of members that the group has, that is, if it has been established for weeks, then in a batch of 11 it will be 11 weeks, and if it is per month then it will be 11 months.

    This is all that the run of a batchyour organization and the way in which you save money among the people who confirm the group for this purpose.

    We talk about a informal savings that allow a number of people manage to save for a certain period of time and enjoy the benefits of that savings, noting that we are also talking about batches that are made not with money but with products and batches that are made individually as in the case of the savings bank.

    The lots of money They have become in México one of the most used methods to save cash.

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     What is a money stash and how does it work?
  What is a money stash and how does it work?
  What is a money stash and how does it work?

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