What is a Discount Card and what

What is a Discount Card and what

The discount cards They were inaugurated many decades ago already. Its main objective for businesses has been to capture the attention of customers and motivate them to buy more on their surfaces.

Many changes have undergone over time. So much so that, right now, they cánido have the function of Debit or Credit Card. Everything is to stimulate consumer purchase! Stay with us because we will tell you about the characteristics of these Cards and the benefits you perro obtain.

Types of Discount Card for customers in Spain

Currently, in Spain there are several types of Cards that businesses give to their customers, with which they cánido obtain discounts and add exchangeable points for your purchases. The usuario benefits from various types of promotions and exchange consumption points for more discounts or gifts.

At the same time, companies achieve with this Marketing action build customer loyalty. That is, motivate customers to continue consuming on their surfaces. Loyalty cards also allow know the buying habits of consumers. Different data that later serve to guide subsequent Marketing Campaigns.

For example:

With the EuroVIPS card, you accumulate points redeemable for purchases and drinks. As long as you do it in their network of establishments, among which you will find Eroski, Halcón Viajes, Gas Natural…

The Airlines Decades ago they launched the system of points that are added each time their travel services are hired. To then get discounts or exchange for products from an extensive catalogue. In many cases the Loyalty Cards They also work as a credit card. debit or creditwith which you perro pay in other establishments.

Which are the Companies that offer Discount Card in Spain?

Now we will tell you which are the most important and the chains that offer them:

fnacthe great store of technology and culture, has its Fnac Visa Card. That you perro also use outside its facilities. However, in this case if you want to get it, it has a cost of €15 forks valid for 2 years.

  • If you buy in their stores you will have 5% discount in your products
  • If you buy in other shops you have discounts from 0.5%
  • You will benefit from free shipping (except Enorme Canaria)
  • you will have your free aparcamiento with little you buy
  • you will get more exclusive discounts in designated products.
  • you will receive invitations to different events Cultural: Concerts, movies, theater, talks, premieres.

service station chain BP offer your card at the point of sale. With it you cánido have discounts at your gas stations (until 8 cents per liter), in many stores, businesses, and associated services. When you add certain points you cánido exchange them for products from your catalog.

Carrefour has its own Carrefour Club Card Very complete. With it you benefit by accumulating discounts on purchases you make in its establishments and associates.

  • Whenever you do your shopping in their supermarkets (1%)
  • Using your services Gas stations (8% discount)
  • Hiring through your Travel agency
  • insurance car, home, life, death (5%)
  • It is also extended if you choose for your mobiles to Orange (5%)
  • If you fuel up CEPSA (4%)
  • You hire the consumption of light and gas with CEPSA (7%) or with EDP (8%)
  • If you eat in restoranes VIPS
  • If you buy your glasses in Alain Afflelou (5%)

The brand decathlon has its loyalty card and offers it to its customers, free of charge, at the moment they are going to pay for their purchase. With it you perro add points for each purchase and benefit with discounts (2%).Decathlon has launched a complete service in which it allows its clients:

  • try the products sports before buying
  • Sell ​​second hand equipment
  • Do free reviews of your bike

The great advantage of this card is that you perro make your purchases in any store, even if it is not theirs, because works like a debit card.

The Kiabi card it is offered for free when you pay for your purchase. With it you cánido have important discounts of 15% every time you add 300 points in their facilities. For your birthday and for having a child you also add points to your reserve.

What are the advantages of a Discount Card?

In many cases, the Loyalty Cards include important advantages for users:

  • They give you payment facilities of your purchases
  • You are allowed ask for a loan
  • Accumulate redeemable points for gifts or more discounts.
  • Security and protection in your purchases
  • You cánido manage it through your official mobile aplicación

Loyalty Cards allow us to save when we make our purchases, both in shops, restoranes, agencies, services.

While the usuario benefits from discounts and points redeemable for gifts, companies they know better and better their movements and consumption habits. This type of data is important to launch the trade and its advertising face.

you are also the Loyalty Cards that work as a Debit or Credit Card, according to the issuing company and the customer profile. These cards cánido be used in all types of payments, like a habitual Visa or MasterCard.

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 What is a Discount Card and what
  What is a Discount Card and what
  What is a Discount Card and what

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