What is a Buyer Persona, what benefits

What is a Buyer Persona, what benefits

You’ve probably heard about the role of buyer personabut… do you really know how much the success of your digital strategy depends on its definition?

Think of it this way: if you could objetivo your Campaigns to the people who are most interested in buying your products or services, wouldn’t you?

We are talking about saving problems in your management, more than anything those related to time, money and your efforts.

And at the same time you would be increasing your Conversion Rate.

Not bad, right?

In these lines we will review in detail not only what a Buyer Persona is, but also how to build it for your business and why having it defined becomes increasingly relevant so that your communications really convert.


What is the Buyer Persona?

If you have to think of a buyer persona, think about the representation of what would be the ideal buyer of your business.

Quite simply, he would be your ideal client.

A semi-fictional profile or, rather, as real as you cánido imagine.

How old are you? What is your personality? What would his behavior be like? What are their tastes, their motivations, their goals? Finally, what are the needs you have in your routine?

Answering these questions will help you create a person.

This profile really defines the potential client of your business.

And it’s the first step in knowing who’s going to be on the other side of the counter when you’re trying to jump-start your sales process.

What are the benefits of defining a Buyer Persona for my business?

Now… why is it so important to define your Buyer Persona? The first response that has to serve as motivation is segmentation.

By defining your ideal client, you will begin to be able to apply intelligent segmentation of your audience.

Today you need to reach the objetivo audience to optimize your communications, strategies and efforts.

This certainly translates into increased conversions.

All the actions we do are aimed at that: getting more customers, whether they are new or retaining the ones you already have.

Very well, by having this first classification resolved, you will certainly be able to address those who are more likely to listen to you and, of course, to hire what you offer.

In addition, you will be able to know your consumers better.

The better information you gather about them, the better insights you will have access to.

You will collect data, needs and interests that will allow you to diagram strategies that espectáculo you closer to your objetivo audience.

The question is… are you already turning your knowledge into profit?

For example, through which digital platforms do your consumers move?

Knowing if they do it through your Fb, Instagram profile or if they do most of their searches on Google plus, allows you to optimize your investments to improve your presence on those sites where they browse.

How to build my Buyer Persona step by step?

Let’s go by parts.

Perhaps some of the steps that we will see here have already been implemented in your business, but we will teach you how to put them at the service of defining your Buyer Persona.

Data collection.

If you ask us, there isn’t a fair amount of information about your customers.

The more, the better.

Don’t limit yourself but don’t overdo it either.

Make use of your Database, to the market studies that you have carried outto satisfaction surveys or polls, and review that valuable information you have:

  • Demographics
  • Needs and problems to solve
  • Web browsing (what platforms do you use)
  • Social y cultural information (beliefs, customs, language)

As in all business organization is another vital step.

It is useless to have all these aspects relieved and leave them in the air.

Make sure you cánido analyze and order them according to the criteria that are most relevant to your company.

Here are some examples of how to group your Contact Lists.

You perro do it according to:

In short, the criteria will depend on the type of information you have.

But the important thing is to create profiles according to the results you get from your rearrangements.

This will allow you to have your first figures, differentiated mainly by these data that characterize them.

A profile of a professional single mother who buys on Amazon is not the same as a young student looking for what she wants on Instagram.

It is about beginning to give life to the people who may buy your product or service.

This brings us to the next step: creating your Buyer Persona.

As we outline two fácil examples that could be a starting point, I help you with 6 questions that will allow you define that ideal client.

1) What is your identity?

Your Buyer Persona needs a name and a photo, only then cánido you make it real.

This first step is essential so as not to work in the abstract, to empathize with this new profile, to give face to all the data that we will be building.

2) In which segment is it located?

Here you will have sub-questions that will help you define your position in future segmentations.

We talk about where he lives, how old he is, what his studies are, if he has a family.

Being clear about these demographic and social y cultural data will help you begin to outline your Buyer Persona.

3) What is your story?

We all have a past that defines our present.

Define a life journey that helps you shape what your potential client is today.

We talk about knowing where he was born, where he lived, what his childhood was like.

In that journey, you perro also configure how he got to know your brand or company.

If they looked for you or they recommended you.

If he has started a relationship with you, and how it went.

4) What is your professional profile?

Although we have previously asked about their studies and professional training, inquire better into their specializations, in the type of industry in which your Buyer Persona works.

What is the range you have? Are you a decision maker? Do you have people in charge?

Many times the professional profile is not only correlated with the type of interests that a person may have, but also demonstrates their attitude towards certain situations.

5) What is your personal profile?

Now yes, it defines his attributes as a person more.

His tastes, interests, hobbies (we all have), the passions that motivate him day by day.

In the same way, here includes a more emotional or psychological profile, which refers to your fears, anxieties or concerns.

We always find people more prone to change, to try new things or to challenge the established.

Is your ideal client like this? Or is he, rather, conservative and reactionary?

Take this exercise responsibly, because many of the predispositions that your Buyer Persona has regarding your ways of contacting them and offering what you sell also depend on these characteristics.

6) How do you spend your time on the Internet?

Building a digital profile is important because we all spend time on the web these days.

The way in which we use it or the places where we navigate has a direct correlation with the way in which we look for what we need.

Do you browse search engines? Do you spend more time on Popular Networks?

If so, which ones do you prefer? What types of format do you consume? Are you open to new content? Are you subscribed to any channel?

All information is valuable because, as we said above, optimizing your investments in digital campaigns is one of the reasons why you need to create your Buyer Persona.

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Practical examples to understand what the Buyer Persona is

Now yes, let’s bring everything we discussed above down to earth with two practical examples of Buyer Persona.


This is Gustavo Fuentes.

He is Owner of an En línea Store of footwear.

It sells shoes throughout Spain, both for men and women.

He lives in Seville, together with his wife and two children (a 12-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl).

He loves to spend time at home and, when he cánido, he even works from there.

He has studied Business Administration and has specialized in Digital Marketing in Barcelona.

He has many contacts left there, and has backlinks with businessmen from La capital española.

He feels that popular networks are a waste of time, which is why he does not have personal profiles.

He does use them professionally, which is why he has LinkedIn.

Your Store does have a presence on all Instagram and Fb.

He values ​​efficient en línea procedures and not having to travel to places to buy what he wants.

Your ideal customer experience includes personalized treatment, even through means such as WhatsApp.


Daisy Fuentes is interior designer.

She works as a clerk in a large design studio.

He loves to travel for his work, often spending time abroad on major projects.

She is 35 years old, single and has no children.

His instagram is full of landscapes from his trips and meetings with friends.

He enjoys encuentro new cultures and people wherever he goes.

She likes art and would love to have more time to learn to paint.

You have En línea Stores saved as favorites in your browser and you are subscribed to several Newsletters.

Take advantage of the offers and seek to save costs with shipping.

You like quality products.

Remember, in case you don’t already know, that your business perro have more than one Buyer Persona.

In fact you cánido have two, three, ten types of ideal customers.

Depending on the size of your company and the presence it has in different parts of the world, it is logical that you cánido establish different profiles of potential buyers.

Important clarification! Buyer Persona is not the same as “Objetivo”

When you establish a Buyer Persona you are not defining a objetivo.

While the latter refers to more general segments, although grouping consumers or Contacts according to characteristics they have in common, your Buyer Persona offers a much more specific description.


You have doubts? We have seen it in the practical examples above.

They are semi-fictional people, not segmented audience groups.

Therein lies the main difference.

But beware! To work your communications better, you should know that both complement each other, because, if you define it correctly, your Buyer Persona will be among the individuals that appear in your objetivo audience.

Start by defining your ideal client, and you will be able to optimize all your communications.

Less effort and more aim, two of the most important cambiantes for your business to finally take off.

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 What is a Buyer Persona, what benefits
  What is a Buyer Persona, what benefits
  What is a Buyer Persona, what benefits

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