What interest do the Swiss Banks give?

What interest do the Swiss Banks give?

Swiss banks stand out for being solid entities, with excellent opportunities for savings and investment. In addition, they provide all their clients with the greatest protection, both for their assets and for the information provided. In fact, they are known as the safest banks in the world.

The wide range of services in the Swiss financial campo and its good management have contributed to making banks in that country attractive to depositors. Even so, we want to inform you a little about the interests that arise from these banks.

Swiss bank interest

In Switzerland there are more than 400 authorized banking entities. To carry out their excellent monetary policy, the Swiss banks use interest as one of the tools to achieve this, and allow the bank to receive a benefit for the service provided, especially in the case of deposits.

Most of the banks in the Swiss territory have chosen to use negative interest ratesThis means that the interest rate is less than 0%, and therefore the bank pays for credit benefits, but when the depositor leaves his money in the bank, instead of earning interest, he must pay a percentage additional. These are the most recognized banks in Switzerland and their interests:

usb bank

this is the most recognized bank in Switzerland. It has become so successful that today it has offices in places like Tokio, Hong Kong, London and the United States. In recent years this bank has chosen to charge negative interest rates, especially to its wealthy clients. requesting an interest of -0.75% per year on a cash cómputo greater than 2,000,000 Swiss francs.

Credit Suisse Bank

Credit Suisse is the second largest bank in Switzerland. It has also stood out for charging maleable interest rates to its clients, but like most banks in this country, it has decided to use negative interest rates. In this sense, customers with cómputos of more than 2,000,000 Swiss francs must pay a rate of -0.75%, and those who have cómputos greater than 10,000,000 must pay a rate of -0.85%.

Central Bank of Switzerland

This is the National Bank of the country. Its shares are listed on the depósito market, but they are in the hands of cantonal banks and individual investors. Previously, this bank charged interest with a percentage above 0%, but since the year 2018 charges a negative interest rate of -0.75% per year.

As you perro see in recent years Swiss banks have decided to establish a negative interest charge. This has been beneficial for many of their clients, but not for others. This interest rate has affected the capital of the wealthiest people of this country, which has caused great controversy.

Despite the controversy that the charging of this type of interest has caused, every day there are more banks in Switzerland and the world that are implementing it, as it is a effective measure to solve the growing economic problems that the world economy has experienced.

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 What interest do the Swiss Banks give?
  What interest do the Swiss Banks give?
  What interest do the Swiss Banks give?

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