What happens if I stop contributing money to the plan

What happens if I stop contributing money to the plan

If you want to have an old age free of economic problems and with some ease, there is nothing better than the pension plan, since this is a way to save. It is basically a savings instrument, based on a certain contribution of money under certain terms, and this contribution is the one that goes to the pension plan.

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Types of contributions to the pension plan

Pension plans are a smart way to save so that you have a certain amount of money in retirement or in case of disability.

There are several types of contributions to pensions in this case they are admitted 4 different contributionsthe frequent ones are: periodic, extraordinary, in favor of the husband or wife and in favor of people with some kind of disability.

The type of periodic contribution perro be made monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually, depending on the choice of the person who contracts this type of pension plan. On the other hand, the type of extraordinary contribution perro be made at any time and for the amount that it deems appropriate.

Perro I stop contributing money to the pension plan?

The pension plan is a way to save for the future and is not based on restrictions and economic obligations, in other words, you are not obliged to continue with the pension plan if you wish.

You must consider that this form of saving gives tranquility in old ageSince the pension plan is additional help when building a better retirement, we recommend that you not stop making the corresponding contributions to your pension plan so that you perro count on them in the future.

How is a pension plan redeemed?

The first of the options to consider is the form of capital, this is a well-known way of collecting all your accumulated money completely and immediately in a single payment.

You cánido also withdraw all the money from your pension plan as if it were an income, that is, setting the frequency with which you want to receive the money saved. It should be noted that the ideal is to receive the savings periodically monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Keep in mind that you, as a contributor, escoge how much money you want to receive and the period in which you want to receive it. In addition to the above, you cánido also do a mix of the two options listed above.

You cánido redeem your pension plan partially, you will escoge how much you will collect in a single amount and how much in fractions. Other options to consider are Redeem your pension plan as a life annuity.

It is appropriate to mention that this mode of action helps you avoid shocks and in turn reach an agreement with the bank and allocate a monthly payment for the rest of your life.

We hope this information has been very helpful to you and that you remember that the pension plan is a good way to save to have a dignified old age, full of peace and satisfactory financial stability.

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 What happens if I stop contributing money to the plan
  What happens if I stop contributing money to the plan
  What happens if I stop contributing money to the plan

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