What happens if I have money left over from my credit?

What happens if I have money left over from my credit?

First of all we have to understand that Infonavit It is the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers, so we are talking about a government institution that allows Mexicans to create savings that are synonymous with investment in order to obtain housing.

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  • In this sense, we must take into account that there are many people who do not have the need to use this savings fund, which is why questions about What happens if I don’t use my Infonavit credit? EITHER What if I never used my Infonavit credit?

    The truth is that under the law, there are conditions that allow the Infonavit reimbursementor there is also customer service if he intends to return your Infonavit house to be granted the money for it.

    In this way, we have to detail the interests that are based on these questions and the issues that have to do with the money that people have managed to save in Infonavit.

    What happens if I don’t use my Infonavit credit?

    The answer to the question of What if I never used my Infonavit credit? It is that money that has never been used perro be granted to its owner, as long as no fraction of this money has ever been used, that is, that no property has been purchased with it.

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  • Now, it is important to take into account how much the Infonavit reimbursement in this type of case, highlighting that depending on the percentage of money saved, an amount between 50,000 and 350,000 pesos perro be recovered.

    All this is relevant, and depends on the time in which the person has contributed to Infonavitwhich caused the full capital of their money, that is, some people have more money than others because of the time they have contributed and the savings they have invested.

    On the other hand, it is important to take into account that in the Infonavit reimbursement which is done in a common way, what is always granted is the amount of 70,000 pesos.

    Requirements to make the Infonavit refund

    In order to claim the reimbursement of the money that has been achieved in the Infonavit savingsit is necessary that the person take into account the following details:

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    • Be a retired citizen.
    • Be the owner or holder of the savings fund.
    • Not having current Infonavit credit.
    • Not having proof of identity processing or any pending in Infonavit.
    • It is important to note that the account cómputo has not been allocated to the person’s Afore.
    • Have updated identification.
    • Have a cómputo in the housing subaccount.
    • Have a popular security number and population registry key.

    Procedure to make the refund of Infonavit

    Once all the requirements that we have mentioned are met, then the person who wants the refund of Infonavit You must follow the procedure mentioned:

    • Go to the return or refund request page.
    • Register the SSN that is requested from the person.
    • Complete the form.
    • Make the choice of the Infonavit headquarters where the process perro be completed.
    • Ask for a date.
    • Follow the procedure that is carried out in detail, all through the case number.

    If I return my house from Infonavit, will I get my money back?

    This is a procedure that perro be carried out, especially when the person who wishes to carry out this procedure is in a difficult situation and requires the money.

    We are talking about a procedure that receives the name of “Settlement” and that consists of the return of the house that has been obtained through Infonavit.

    But this is not a fácil procedure, the truth is that it involves many agreements and a lot of paperwork to execute, taking into account that the first thing that the person must do if you want return home from Infonavit To be granted the money, it is necessary to go to one of the official headquarters of the institute and clearly present the case and present the evidence that justifies your decision.

    Given this, it is important to take into account that the procedure is complicated, since we are talking about that in order to do it, the person will not have the right to a second credit from Infonavitsince it is recorded in the history that you have not complied with the previous credit and that, therefore, another opportunity is not valid.

    It is also important to note that it is a procedure that is not carried out for freeIn other words, it implies the cancellation of the process, therefore, the person must seek monetary funds to cancel the action that they have decided to carry out.

    In the same way, we emphasize that it is a quite long procedurewhich becomes somewhat difficult for the person.

    Now, the answer to the most important If I return my house from Infonavit, will I get money back? The answer is no, this procedure is not validated, the citizen returns home to be able to pay the credit he has obtained, not to get his money back, therefore, the institution will not return or grant money to the person at any time in this case.

    With this information we already have the details of what happens if the money that has been saved in Infonavit and if it is desired to return the house that has been obtained with it, in condition of acquiring money.

    The first is completely possible, since we are talking about the fact that the person has every right to receive the money that they have saved throughout their career and that they never used.

    However, in the other case, it is not possible to return money in exchange for the house, the person who decides to give his house to the institution does so in payment of the credit of Infonavit that he could not afford on his own, which implies that no financial amount will be returned to him.

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     What happens if I have money left over from my credit?
  What happens if I have money left over from my credit?
  What happens if I have money left over from my credit?

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