What happened with…..?

What happened with…..?

Good afternoon beautiful people! How is your day going? Today I titled the articulo What happened with…?remembering some pages that I no longer work, that became scam or that it was not worth working on.

I wanted to do it in two parts.

This first articulo will be a little shorter, and I will talk about the aplicaciones that I no longer use and the ones that I have not talked about to finalize them.

Some of you may reproach me for not having talked about them before, but in my defense (and it’s the truth) I’ve been quite busy this year and I wanted to talk to you about the new pages, discarding the ones that didn’t work, but of course…

I’m sure this also interests youbotemania

And today I am going to talk about them, I start with the first application that I installed to earn money:

do you remember rabadaba? It was a popular network, in which you put your photos and liked those of the people, for that reason you added points (rabs), which were converted into money.

Every 100,000 rabs you got 10 dollars (the minimum for cobra).

You cánido read the entry here.

After a few months, they changed and it was no longer 100,000 rabs for 10 dollars, but 1,000,000, so I left it (I didn’t take so many photos hahaha!!).

Currently what I know about her is that there are daily contests of 10, 5 and 1 dollars and she has become a popular network to articulo photos of pets.

The first entry I published on the blog (back in August 7, 2016) and using blogger was inviting you to use see each other.

Verse is an application to spend money with friends.

If you installed it with a certain code (in this case mine), I would earn one euro and you another.

A very good option, that’s why I wrote my first articulo in salgodelacrisis A year later, the television commercials began.

Like this:

I’m sure this also interests youearn money

With this application I won 9 euros, which I received from the bank.

Why didn’t I upload the receipt? Because my bank sent it to me a month later, and I didn’t think it was necessary… inexperience is called that…

applications for earn bitcoinI explained them in this articulo.

And I still have them installed on my móvil inteligente.

But for now, my bitcoin goal (to have a bitcoin at the end of the year), I have abandoned it a bit due to lack of time, above all.

I intend to sintetiza it as soon as possible.

I’m sure this also interests youChanges in Baymack


Well, these are the applications that I used and no longer use, perhaps you perro use them.

I no longer work them, either because of their ineffectiveness or because I have already consumed their free part.

This is the first of a series of posts that I will be doing with the iniciativa of ​​renewing the blog.

I hope you liked it.

Thank you and see you next time!!

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 What happened with.....?
  What happened with.....?
  What happened with.....?

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