What engineering to study in Spain: types and

What engineering to study in Spain: types and

All engineering are complex careers, but it is worth studying them, since they give you the opportunity to get a stable job in a tarea market as complicated as it is today.

If you want to know What kind of engineering perro you study in Spain?then we will give you the information you are looking for.

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types of engineering

there are many types of engineering, and what is studied in some and in others has nothing to do with it.

Next we are going to tell you which ones you cánido study in this country:

Informatics Engineering

The job of a computer engineer is to apply the fundamentals of computing to design and maintain programa and hardware prototypes IT

Computer engineering provides comprehensive solutions for communication, computing and automatic processing of data and information.

Therefore, if you are a person who always catches the attention of everything related to computer science, programmingetcétera., this career is a good option for you.

Electronic engineering and electrical engineering

These are two branches of engineering that are connected, although they are not the same.

They have in common that the two study electrical energy for ease of use, but at different levels.

Thus, while electrical engineering is in charge of the production and supply of the electric power on a large scaleelectronic engineering focuses on the small scale electronic circuits.

Biomedical engineering

In this career two disciplines come together: biology and engineering.

A biomedical engineer is a professional dedicated to applying the knowledge and instruments of engineering to the medical field, in order to develop new treatments, help people in their rehabilitation and, in general, innovate the health system.

In short, this engineering is aimed at achieving advances that promote human health.

civil Engineering

Civil engineering is responsible for design and development of large-scale infrastructures (for example, from water supplies) or on a small scale (like the construction of a building).

Civil engineers are in charge of create the infrastructures around which we human beings have organized our lives, taking advantage of resources in the most optimal way possible.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the study of chemical and biological processesand the development of subjects that may be useful in these areas.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are in charge of design, develop and maintain mechanical systems.

This branch of engineering investigates mechanics, statics and dynamics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and stress analysis.

Aerospace engineering

The aerospace engineer is the professional who is dedicated to design, develop, test, etcétera., aircraftas well as the different systems that fly through the atmosphere.

Aerospace engineering includes the astronautical engineeringwhich studies the design of flying devices that are going to be launched into outer space.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is dedicated to the supervision of industrial processes, reviewing all the factors related to them, such as the production chain, human resources, energy consumption, etcétera.

It is also up to the industrial engineer to manage the environmental aspects that affect this area.

Engineering in industrial organization

An engineer in industrial organization develops programs oriented towards engineering management.

To do this, he cánido apply the knowledge of other engineering fields, but above all skills related to industrial engineering and decision-making in the business field.

Sound engineering

A sound engineer is in charge of the modification of sound and auditory systemss, developing their programming and showing the relationship between sound applications and electroacoustic processes.

Road engineering

The civil engineer is in charge of develop the structures and calculate themand direct everything related to the project to study the feasibility of a piece of land.

So this professional perro design ports, coasts, communication routes, etcétera.

All this while measuring the environmental impact and looking for the best possible use of the space.

Agricultural engineering

In agricultural engineering, they study how to get the better use of resources within the agricultural industry, which allows developing the best processes to raise productive cattle, improve a plantation, take care of the soil, etcétera.

His work is essential for companies related to the production of raw materials.

Telecommunications engineering

Telecommunications engineers are responsible for research, design and develop communication systems that take place by cable and satellite, radio waves, mobile phones, the Internet and by dirección de correo electrónico.

These professionals use different resources to create communication network infrastructuressuch as optical fibers, coaxial cables, etcétera.

What are the highest paid engineering in Spain?

The best paid engineering in Spain is the industrial engineeringcould perfectly be included among the best paid jobs in Spainsince these professionals occupy management positions in large companies, for which they cánido charge up to more than 150,000 euros per year.

Then we have the electrical engineerswho cánido win between 80,000 and 130,000 euros in companies that manufacture electronic devices.

Below are the chemical engineerswho perro win more than 70,000 euros annual without having to work in a big company.

Today these positions are very important in companies related to makeup.

And on the other hand, the biomedical engineers They cánido win more than 60,000 euros in a company right now.

We know that salary is a very big incentive when choosing a profession, but beyond this, you should think that any engineering entails occupying a position of great responsibility in a company.

Therefore, leaving economic issues aside, it is important that you feel a certain vocation when choosing a certain engineering.

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 What engineering to study in Spain: types and
  What engineering to study in Spain: types and
  What engineering to study in Spain: types and

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