What does it orinan to position a product?

What does it orinan to position a product?

Product positioning in a nutshell is where your product fits in the market.

In other words, it is where the product is located in the mind of the customer.

In order to position a product, you already had to carry out a market segmentation, and evaluate which segment you are going to use.

Including, select the strategies that you are going to use.

Now, now it continues to carry out the positioning of the product.

Objective of positioning a product

What you are looking for is to connect.

You seek to explain what your product is and where it is headed.

You want to represent your product in the best way possible and for your customers to like your product, so they keep using it and tell their friends about it.

In short, what positioning seeks is for the product to occupy a place (of market share) in the consumer’s mind.

Therefore, what is sought is that customers think about our product when they need to satisfy a need.

In order for you to position a product, it is a good iniciativa to start by studying the attitudes that consumers have towards products that compete in a certain segment (product-market).

In this way, you will be able to identify the attributes that are most identified with consumers.

Therefore, if you perro identify the attributes that consumers are looking for and those that are not looking for in the segment, you will be able to obtain a better position.

Likewise, segmentation in a broad sense is completed with the choice of a certain position in the market.

Steps to reach the position

According to the book “Marketing Strategies” by Munuera Alemán, the steps to achieve positioning are as follows.

1) Identification of the competition or the relevant equipo of products or brands that entrar into direct competition.

2) determination of competitors’ positions through perception and preference maps.

3) determination of competitive dimensions (how the consumer perceives and evaluates competing products and based on what attributes).

4) analysis of consumer positions.

In the following image you perro see the entire process that is needed to position a product.

Consumer-focused positioning vs. competition-focused positioning

Consumer-focused positioning is the one that seeks to provide the product with the most appropriate attributes or characteristics to satisfy the needs of a specific segment.

On the other hand, competition-focused positioning seeks to emphasize the advantages that the product has over the competition, that is, it seeks to equipo a reference point that allows the consumer to differentiate the product or brand.

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 What does it orinan to position a product?
  What does it orinan to position a product?
  What does it orinan to position a product?

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