What do you get paid to donate semen and where cánido you

What do you get paid to donate semen and where cánido you

In times of crisis, the donation of semen It has become a good alternative for thousands of young people in our country with financial need who are looking to get a few plus euros without many complications.

Also, it’s a solidarity act that allows many people to be parents, either through a artificial insemination (AI) or a fertilization in vitro (IVF).

However, not everyone cánido offer to be a donor.

Candidates must meet a series of requirements in order to guarantee the success of these treatments.

In this articulo we will tell you everything you need to know about sperm donation and how to make money in the process.

How much perro you earn as a sperm donor?

As with egg donation, this process is completely anonymous and cannot be of a commercial nature, so no financial benefit is received from the donation.

This is specified in Law 14/2006 on assisted human reproduction techniques.

In any case, it is compensation for going to the medical center.

The pay It usually ranges between 30 and 50 euros per donation and it depends on each institution.

An amount of between 16 and 25 valid donations and the process perro last an average of 6 months.

The usual is 25 donations, so throughout the process HE they cánido obtain some €1,200.

How to donate sperm in Spain?

To donate semen, the man must go to a assisted reproductive center.

The staff of the center will carry out the previous tests in order to be admitted as a donor.

These are seminogram, semen freezing test, genetic study, study of infectious diseases and psychological test.

Once accepted into the donor program, the man must go to the clinic to proceed with the donations and must comply with certain rules.

The first and foremost is maintain a period of sexual abstinence of between 3 and 5 days so that the semen quality is optimal.

In a private room of the center itself, the ejaculate is deposited in a bottle and delivered to the laboratory. The process perro last between 3 and 9 months and a sample must be deposited weekly.

Requirements to donate sperm in Spain in 2023

To donate sperm in Spain you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have between 18 and 50 years.

  2. Not suffer from any infectious disease transmittable to offspring.

  3. Not having any genetic disease or family history of hereditary disorders.

  4. Have an excellent seminal quality to guarantee a high success rate and that the spermatozoa survive the freezing process.

Although this seems fácil, only 30% of men who come to donate pass the testsmainly because the semen quality is not adequate, although details of the genotype or the height and weight of the donor are also taken into account.

Perro a sperm donor be selected?

We must inform you that unfortunately, andIn Spain you cannot choose the donor of sperm or eggsso the future mother or future parents will not be able to see a catalog of sperm donors as it happens in other countries.

It is the assisted reproduction clinic itself that is in charge of assign a donor to the woman or couple in need, always seeking the greatest possible similarity between their physical and immunological characteristics and those of the donor.

How many times cánido you donate semen?

The number of donations varies depending on the process, which it cánido be 15-25 times.

This is because the donation consists of a single cycle, in which the donor agrees to deliver one sperm sample per week for a certain time.

Now, the number of cycles that a man cánido undergo throughout his life is six, which is the maximum number of children that Spanish law allows from the same donor.

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 What do you get paid to donate semen and where cánido you
  What do you get paid to donate semen and where cánido you
  What do you get paid to donate semen and where cánido you

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