What do you get paid if you are a member of the court

What do you get paid if you are a member of the court

Be a member of a opposition court it is a huge responsibility. Your task must be impartial, objective and professional and in order to be a member it is necessary to be a career professional. That is why, being such an important job, and mandatory, members will receive a minimum remuneration for assistance.

What is and how does the Tribunal of an opposition work?

The court of an opposition is a public body, in charge of carrying out and qualifying the tests of a selective process of which it is precisely the court. In this case evaluate and select aspiring public officials in each phase and to prepare the final list of approved.

This entails a very great responsibility and it is necessary to be totally objective and impartial when carrying out all the tasks that have been assigned to you.

How is an opposition court composed?

In general, a court of oppositions consists of a president and a secretary elected by an official body and vowels chosen by lottery. It must have an odd number of members that cannot be less than five and cánido only be made up of career officers.

Their primordial functions as we mentioned are to escoge the result of a call for which you cánido receive help for de counselingsupervise the opposition at all times and, of course, safeguard the official exams.

How much is charged for being a member of an opposition tribunal?

Being a member of a board of opposition is a compulsory work and of great responsibility made up of professionals, who charge a minimum remuneration of €1000 for being a member. If you are vocal you have to add it €35 to €50 per day for each day of oral presentation and €60 for taking care of the written exams. The remuneration of the secretaries will be €100 per daywhile that of the president amounts to €150.

On the other hand, each one of the members of the court perceives a series of indemnities and compensation for service for their participation in the competitive examinations.

If the exam has remuneration for assistance, travel, accommodation and maintenancea member of the court will have the right to collect €20 to €25 from maintenance payment and one displacement remuneration which will be around €0.19 per kilometer if you go by car, and €0.078 if you go by motorcycle.

While, for attendance Members cánido charge between €35 and €45 to €50 per day for the president and secretary. This figure that perro be seen increased by 50% if the sessions are held on Saturdays or holidays. By accommodationthe remuneration will be total, that is, the entire amount will be paid if proof is presented.

It is important to clarify that this type of economic compensation is not received for accommodation or living expenses if the exam lasts the same or less than one day.

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 What do you get paid if you are a member of the court
  What do you get paid if you are a member of the court
  What do you get paid if you are a member of the court

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