What do you expect | quick surveys for

What do you expect | quick surveys for

What you Expect is a new survey page that will pay us by Amazon checks for answering short and fun surveys that will be sent to us every month. This not a habitual survey page in which they send you several surveys a month and if you qualify, you win and if you don’t, you don’t. No what you expect panel it’s totally different. they will send us a monthly survey that we will qualify yes or yes. for this survey they will reward us with 700 points. But we are not going to anticipate events and we are going to begin to explain the registration methods and the operation of the page.

I have been using it for a few months and the truth is that it is very interesting, since they pay religiously by means of Amazon checks sent to the registration correo electrónico. You want to know more? so keep reading…

What is what you expect?

What you Expect panel Spain is a survey company belonging to the Ipsos groupwhich among other survey panels have the well-known panel I-say.

What you expect panel ipsos se defined as a group of citizens who want to help define the policy of the European Union. They conduct monthly surveys to determine, among other things, how citizens feel about prices, house prices, the economy in general, and what their expectations are for the future. The surveys are monthly and by participating you make your voice heard as a member of Europe.

Obviously, this survey is not done for nothing. As a panel member, you will have to fill in the monthly survey (it will take you around 30 minutes). This way you will earn points that you perro convert into Amazon gift vouchers or if you prefer, donate money to a charity. Rewards cánido be more than €30 a year for less than 30 minutes a month.

If you are interested in the topic of opinion and improving the European Union as much as possible, this is your panel. You cánido register using the button below.

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What you expect panel login

The first thing you have to do is register in this backlink or on the top banner. You will see that They ask you some questions (the habitual ones) to define who you are and see if your profile is valid.

The first thing we find ourselves, as you cánido see in this image, is if we want to answer certain “committed” questions, such as what you earn in a year, what your monthly income is, etcétera…

You should take this into account, because, although They assure that they will not share it with anyone.Many people are reluctant to articulo or discuss the money they earn.

What you expect rewards

Being a member of the panel what you expect surveys is not hard work, nor are paid surveys excessively long. Each survey will take about 20 minutes., and they will include one or two tasks. We will receive the points every time you have completed these tasks in their entirety. Besides you will be able to earn plus points once you have completed three consecutive surveys. Surveys are sent one each month.

As a thank you for participating, we will be awarded points each time we complete a survey in its entirety (all tasks must be completed) on total number of points per survey is 700. The total number of points you perro earn every three months is also 700. If you participate in all surveys in a full year you perro earn 11,200 points.

The plus points will be awarded to us the following month at the latest. We will receive an dirección de correo electrónico when the plus points have been included. Although normally it is just at the end of the task when they are sent to our correo electrónico.

How long will the whatyouexpect page last?

He survey program is finite, has a specific end date. Currently the survey program is this:

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January 2020 1/20/2020 – 2/3/2020
February 2020 2/6/2020 – 3/2/2020
March 2020 3/5/2020 – 3/30/2020
April 2020 4/2/2020 – 5/4/2020
May 2020 5/7/2020 – 6/1/2020
June 2020 6/4/2020 – 6/30/2020
July 2020 7/2/2020 – 8/3/2020
August 2020 8/6/2020 – 8/31/2020
September 2020 9/3/2020 – 9/28/2020
October 2020 10/1/2020 – 11/2/2020
November 2020 5/11/2020 – 30/11/2020
December 2020 12/3/2020 – 1/4/2021
January 2021 1/7/2021 – 2/1/2021
February 2021 2/4/2021 – 3/1/2021
March 2021 3/4/2021 – 3/29/2021
April 2021 4/1/2021 – 5/3/2021
May 2021 5/6/2021 – 5/31/2021
June 2021 6/3/2021 – 6/28/2021
July 2021 7/1/2021 – 8/2/2021
August 2021 8/5/2021 – 8/30/2021
September 2021 9/2/2021 – 10/4/2021
October 2021 10/7/2021 – 11/1/2021
November 2021 11/4/2021 – 11/29/2021
December 2021 12/2/2021 – 1/3/2022
January 2022 1/6/2022 – 1/31/2022
February 2022 2/3/2022 – 2/28/2022
March 2022 3/3/2022 – 4/4/2022
April 2022 4/7/2022 – 5/2/2022
May 2022 5/5/2022 – 5/30/2022
June 2022 6/2/2022 – 7/4/2022

As you cánido see, they plan to carry out surveys until July 2022Therefore, we cánido still earn 11,200 points (by answering all the surveys).

Get points and how to exchange them for prizes

He monetary value of the points that we will get when doing surveys in What you Expect is from €1 for every 100 points. The rewards that we cánido access are in the redemption section of the Web page.

You will be able to choose between two types of reward (as of today, although they may vary over time) between Amazon vouchers or a charitable donation.

The Amazon vouchers are sent to you by correo electrónico you’ve signed up for and charitable donations made by you and any other panelists you choose will be grouped into one fund. Every six months, the entire fund will be donated to a charity. A different organization will be chosen each time. To find the information about the chosen charity for each six-month period you must go to the section “summary of rewards – redeem points” When the donation is made to the charity, they will announce it on the news page.

The charities that cánido be selected for the next 6-month periods are: Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Red Cross, Nat Geo, Make-A-Wich and WWF. If you know of another organization that you are interested in donating to, you perro share it through the contact page. The platform looks for well-known organizations in Europe to support them. Surveys may also be organized to find out which organization you will donate to.

Other survey panels

Final opinions what do you expect panel

What you expect is a good way to earn amazon checks easily. In a short time you cánido win a Amazon check of 5 euros. Although it may not seem like much, anything that comes to us is good for us.

If you live in Europe, it is a good opportunity to win amazon checks. The surveys are quite enjoyable and fast, you will not realize that you do them. If you want to try your luck and see if you are suitable to entrar the platform, here I leave you the registration backlink. A greeting and many successes!

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 What do you expect |  quick surveys for
  What do you expect |  quick surveys for
  What do you expect |  quick surveys for

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