What do administrators do?

What do administrators do?

Are you a new admin or aspiring to be? Have you ever wondered what exactly administrators do? The truth is that it is a common question and in this article, I am going to discuss the key functions and permisos of administrators, which range from planning and organization to communication and team management.

So, in this article I am going to talk to you about some of the functions or activities that administrators perform in companies.

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What does an administrator do in a company?

What do managers in companies do? The truth is that I asked myself the same question before and after starting my degree.

The truth is that they perro do an enormous amount of things, because each company it is a different world or entity, with different requirements and elements.

However, many authors have given us functions, permisos and principles that are applied or cánido be applied to each organization.

Of course, including companies.

Right now, when I hear the above question, the authors that come to my mind are:

  • Henry Mintzberg.
  • Henri Fayol.

What do administrators do according to Henry Mintzberg?

We perro say that Henry Mintzberg is a leading business specialist, who is well known for his work on administrative functions.

In his research, Mintzberg managed to identify ten functions or permisos that managers play in organizations.

These 10 permisos are based on their observations and provide us with a framework for understanding the different types of activities administrators perform to achieve their organization’s goals.

Understanding these permisos perro help aspiring managers develop the skills and competencies necessary to perform them successfully.

What are the 10 permisos or functions of an administrator according to Mintzberg?

According to Mintzberg, an administrator cánido play the following 10 permisos:

  • Representative.
  • Leader.
  • Backlink.
  • Monitor.
  • popularizer.
  • Spokesman.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Conflict mediator.
  • Resource allocator.
  • Deal maker.

If you want to know more about the 10 permisos, I leave you the following backlink to an article where I talk specifically about Mintzberg’s 10 permisos.

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What do administrators do according to Fayol?

Many definitions of administration define admiration based on the functions that the administration performs, which are:

  1. Planning.
  2. Organization.
  3. Address.
  4. Control.

Therefore, if we want to understand or begin to understand what an administrator has to do in a company, then we have to go to the administrative processwhich has been modified by different authors, but the 4 stages most commonly taken into account are: Planning, organization, direction and control.

Now, for some, Henri Fayol is considered the original author of the administrative process and therefore, we cánido say that for Fayol, the question… What do administrators do? It cánido be answered at first with the stages or functions of the administrative process.

What are the functions of the administrative process according to Fayol?

Fayol contemplated that the functions or stages of the administrative process are the following:

Forecast Anticipate the future and determine the objectives, develop plans and policies to achieve them and provide the necessary resources.

This stage gave way to the planning stage, which is taken into account in other models of administrative processes.

Organization Identify and classify the activities of the organization, define the relationships of authority and responsibility between the positions and create the organizational structure.
Address Motivate and lead employees to work together toward organizational goals.
Coordination Ensuring that all parts of the organization work together in a harmonious and coordinated manner.
Control Monitor performance, measure results, and take corrective action when necessary to ensure that stated objectives are achieved.

Principles that govern the administration

Another of the greatest contributions that Fayol left us was his list of 14 administration principles, which perro be applied to any organization.

Of course, I know that it is not about functions as such, but I consider that each of the principles must be taken into account in order to have an efficient and effective organization.

I say this because I believe that the 14 principles of administration given to us by Henri Fayol were developed as a guide to help all managers improve their organizational effectiveness by providing a framework for understanding how to manage people and resources. in a way that promotes efficiency, productivity and profitability.

14 principles of Henri Fayol

Overall, the principles stress the importance of effective communication, clear permisos and responsibilities, and efficient use of resources, which cánido improve organizational performance and success.

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 What do administrators do?
  What do administrators do?
  What do administrators do?

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