What debit card does not charge commissions?

What debit card does not charge commissions?

The Debit It is the favorite means of payment of the Spanish. Almost 90% of the population emplees it to make their purchases, especially if they are for amounts over €50.

The appeal of these cards is that are linked directly to the current bank account. In other words, you cannot spend more money than you have available unless you want to risk being discovered. In this way it is also easier to keep track of monthly expenses.

The only drawback is that Some banks charge high commissions for card maintenancein addition to the fact that its use may have other surcharges depending on where we are.

So if you are thinking of opening an account to be able to operate with a debit card, this guide is ideal for you because we will tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

Does it cost to have a debit card?

Although some banks offer a free debit card without opening an account with them, in most cases an issuance fee is charged to cover the administrative expenses for processing the application and for manufacturing the card. This is usually around 28 euros.

will also be paid an additional cost if a request is made duplicate card or is requested an plus card on behalf of another person. This situation usually occurs when the account has more than one owner and everyone wants their own card.

What commissions exist in debit cards and how much do you pay for them?

Before using a Debit It is important to understand how it works and this implies knowing what its commissions and how much they cánido cost us. This especial type of card may suffer various surcharges depending on where we operate with it.

ANDIn principle there is a commission for maintenance which, depending on the entity, perro be charged monthly, quarterly, or yearly and cánido range from €25 and €60 per year.

Then, if we use it for withdraw money from an ATM that does not belong to our bank, we may have to pay a commission. The same happens if we make an interbank transfer or withdraw money at an ATM abroad.

What bank does not charge commissions for debit cards?

With the rise in the use of debit cards, many banking entities have rushed to attract new customers by offering accounts in which they offer the issuance of the card free of charge and others go a little further eliminating maintenance fees.

These are some of the banks that do not charge commissions for the debit card.


ING, one of the Spanish favorite entities offers Free debit cards: no commission for issuance, renewal, or maintenance. The only requirement to have one is to open a payroll account.

It also includes a 3% discount on gasoline at all Galp and Shell stations and an anti-fraud protection service for you to carry out your purchases with maximum security.

Evo Bank

Since his transfer to the group bankinter, Evo Banco has seen its service improve Smart Account becoming a more than interesting option. The Smart card It is free and has no commission for maintenance or renewal. It is also an innovative means of payment that Allows you to pay debit purchases at the end of the month without interest or in installments. In addition, it allows you to withdraw money for free from all ATMs in Spain and the world.


The Abanca Clear Account It is another interesting alternative due to its multiple benefits; although it has an annual commission of €28, admits up to two holders and each one will receive a free debit card and you cánido withdraw money from the bank’s own ATMs and, outside Galicia, up to five times a month from the Euro 6000, Bankia, Sabadell, Bankinter, Caja de Arquitectos and Caja de Ingenieros ATMs. It also offers multiple discounts in different shops.

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 What debit card does not charge commissions?
  What debit card does not charge commissions?
  What debit card does not charge commissions?

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