What data do I need to receive money for

What data do I need to receive money for

Western Union is a company that offers services to receive or send money quickly and safely.

The person who receives the money cánido collect the money at any participating agent in the city previously selected by the sender, but first you must know the requirements they request to obtain said money and we will tell you what they are.

What is Western Union used for?

One of the most recognized companies worldwide to make bank transfers, is Western Union a company that allows its users to send or receive money in more than 200 countries through an extensive network of branches, also allows its clients to make national and international shipments.

It works in a fácil way, you cánido send cash by going to one of its branches closest to you or you cánido entrar its website and make virtual transfers.

Information necessary to receive money by Western Union

Once the money is sent to you, you perro collect it at any of the agencies previously selected by the sender, as well as check the status of the money transfer using the number MTCN to be able to know when it will be available to collect. But that’s not all, there are also other requirements that are essential to receive money by Western Union. Let’s see a little more about these requirements.

Identification document

You must present an official identity document with a photograph, it cánido be a passport, ID or another document that proves your identity. This is necessary to verify the authenticity of the person who wants to withdraw the money.

Sender’s name

It is important to know the full name of the sender, since this information will be requested, they will also ask you the place of origin of the transfer.

Amount sent to you

Apart from the sender’s personal data, you must know the amount of money he has sent you so that you cánido provide this information at the Western Union branch and they verify the data.


The MTCN, is the money transfer control code that you get when receiving a transfer, it is 10 digits and is on the receipt that is given to the sender When making the shipment, he must provide said code to the person who is going to receive the money so that he perro track the shipment and know when the money is available. In addition, it is a necessary requirement to be able to withdraw the money from the agency.

How long does it take to receive money by Western Union?

The time it takes for the usuario to receive the money will depend on the type of transaction carried out by the sender, since it is not the same to send cash that arrives quite quickly, compared to sending a check. Although an average time for the money to reach its destination is 3 business days.

How much does it cost to receive money by Western Union?

Before making any shipment, Western Union will inform the usuario about the payment of commissions and recharges that must be paid for the service, generally these commissions are included in the transaction made by the sender.

The person who receives the money You do not have to pay any plus commission for shippingThese expenses must be covered by the person making the transfer, the amount may be affected a bit if it is done by bank transfer, since these entities charge certain commissions for transfers, including the commission payment when a withdrawal is made cash.

The shipping services offered by Western Union are quite practical and reliable, you perro send money in cash, check, virtual transfer or through the application, You only have to meet the requirements that we will name above. You perro also find out a little more by visiting any of the Western Union branches.

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 What data do I need to receive money for
  What data do I need to receive money for
  What data do I need to receive money for

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