What cánido I invest my money in Paraguay?

What cánido I invest my money in Paraguay?

If you have time thinking or looking for what to invest your money to generate good income, Paraguay has become a good alternative for investors. It has had a lot of growth in the last decades and has diversified its economy.

Became a good place to invest money in the areas of: tourism, construction, transport, agencies, restoranes and clothing stores.

5 profitable business ideas in Paraguay in 2023

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to think about starting a business. In general, most seek to achieve economic independence and for this, sometimes it is only necessary to explore and realize that investing abroad perro be a great alternative to achieve that task.

Before making a decision regarding mobilizing amounts of money, financial advisers and a host of elements necessary to start a business, we will leave you 5 ideas you should know when making the investment in this Latin American country:

en línea consultant

This business model is based on recruiting diverse teams of professionals who They are dedicated to advising, selling or attracting clients remotely. Currently, most people prefer to resolve conflicts directly from home.

  • Building a company dedicated to en línea consulting would be part of a highly demanding market niche.

This type of business has as its main advantage that It cánido be applied in different areas of the market. That is why you should do a good market study that allows you to cover public demand with your company.

transport companies

Being a growing country, cities are in great movement. That is why the ideal is to develop an innovative proposal for the current market in the transport campo, either for passengers or cargo, this investment represents a return almost assured.

The iniciativa of ​​creating a business and making an investment is Think about the solutions you present to your audience. Brainstorm, visit the country and carry out surveys, find out what its people and tourists need, that way it is easy to find an innovative solution to their problems and, in turn, get a good business to invest in.

Fast-food restoranes

Gastronomy is one of those areas where you will receive profit and success almost immediately. You could choose to run a franchise or create an interesting iniciativa and innovative that attracts hundreds of locals and tourists.

Restoranes are a safe investment that require a lot of attention but that in the now and in the future with a good direction, cánido become very large and productive businesses.

Marketing and advertising agency

By investing in marketing and advertising, you would be taking a step into the future. Communication technology around the world has changed and there are more and more those who want to update and train in the digital world. That is why these types of companies represent a sure profit for your investment.

Together with a great team of professionals they perro repower the Paraguayan market and attract more people to invest and get to know a beautiful and pluricultural country.

handicraft stores

Paraguay is a destination for many tourists, which is why investing in a store that commemorates and sells the history of this country. It’s a sure shot not only for a good investment but to leave a great mark on this great community.

What a visitor wants most is to take home memories of the trip they enjoyed so much and give gifts to your loved ones . That is why this opportunity should be taken advantage of to promote a sense of belonging and brighten the lives of other people through memories that will always last.

What are the requirements to undertake in Paraguay?

One of the main reasons why you should consider investing money to start a business in Paraguay is that the requirements to create a company are extremely fácil. Although it’s hard to believe, start a company in Paraguay requires very few steps and then we will tell you what they are:

Write the company’s company rules

To start a business in Paraguay, it is necessary to write a document that contains all the statutes or rules that represent the constitution of the company such as:

  • Tax residence
  • The capital of the company
  • Who will be the legal representative

Have a certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce and receive a VAT identification number

This procedure depends mainly on the type of business that is going to be created and it will be necessary offer statements about who will be part of the company When hiring employees, it is necessary to register with the Ministry of Tarea.

A corporate bank account must be opened

Banking entities are necessary to be able to carry out all types of economic and financial transactions. it is the job of the legal representative choose which is the best option to open the bank account.

Make an initial investment

After having registered the company and having completed the rest of the requirements. It is already possible to make a first investment that will be responsible for completing the entire process to create a business in Paraguay.

Reasons to invest my money in Paraguay. Does it have a future?

Despite the fact that Paraguay is not such a recognized country in Latin America when it comes to investment or business, the reality is that it is a nation with an open economyon track to be very profitable and much bigger in the future.

If you still do not know or have not decided to invest abroad, we will leave you some reasons for you to make this decision:

  • Controlled inflation index
  • Fiscal discipline and regulation
  • Good geographical position
  • growth in development, stable and sustained
  • economic diversification
  • Benefits to foreign and local investment
  • Strong and competitive workforce
  • Stable real estate profitability
  • Ease of opening businesses
  • Facilities to acquire residence for foreigners who invest in the country

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 What cánido I invest my money in Paraguay?
  What cánido I invest my money in Paraguay?
  What cánido I invest my money in Paraguay?

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