What cánido I do on my land to win

What cánido I do on my land to win

With the effort of several months or years, you have been able to raise enough money to buy your own land, butHow perro you get money and profit from a piece of land? It is a question that many young people and adults ask themselves when they have several idle hectares.

It probably seems like a daunting task to invest in the construction of a home and then sell the land with it. But there are many other ways to earn money and take advantage of land on your property.

We bring you only the best ways to get plus money with it.

How to profit from unbuilt land in 2023?

Don’t want to build on the land you have available to you since you’re still raising enough money to think about it? There are other ways to get money with land without absolutely any type of constructions.

The clean land, without debris and without any type of construction started They are highly sought after for different types of activities that require wide spaces of these characteristics.

But if there is some type of construction on your land, do not worry. Equal you perro get good plus money for themwithout having to sell.

Some ideas to make money with your land

Either way, we leave you with all the alternatives to get money with landyou will be the one who decides which will be the most attractive according to your type of terrain:

sell the land

A piece of land in an area that It’s in full development and commercial growthindustrial or residential is a real gold mine if you have bought it at a good price.

Buying a piece of land, waiting a period of 6 months to a year and placing it for sale It perro generate between 12% and 20% profit if the surrounding areas meet the characteristics that we have given you.

Of course, sometimes the return on the initial investment perro be affected by real estate crises or by the construction of areas that are not attractive, touristically speaking.

For this it is necessary assess the surrounding area very well to a piece of land that you want to buy. So you perro establish if you will be able to obtain the ROI and profits in a short, medium or long waiting period.

So that you perro have an iniciativa on how to appraise the value of land in your possession, we leave you some characteristics to vea:


The location is the most important aspecto when it comes to expecting to make a profit with a piece of land. Selecting high-value land is essential to expect this to acquire value over time. It will leave interesting profits for the person who had the visión that the surrounding areas would generate an attraction to it.

High value areas perro commonly be found north of cities. Although there are small areas of high value, either because of:

  • Number of services available (high speed internet, numerous transport services and cheap basic services)
  • summation of other factors


Does your land have access to basic public services such as water, electricity and sewage? Each of these services will increase the value of the land since, if the person or company that buys or rents it needs to build on it, they will have to spend less, since the land will already be urbanized.

Either way, developed lots represent a minority of available lots in terms of real estate listings.


In the event that your land is not urbanized, how many services will a person who decides to buy it have access to?

If the land has a fácil connection to a drainage network, white water, Internet, electricity, television and telephony its value goes up. The expenses to install these services in it will be less than the investment necessary to bring these services to lands that are in remote areas.


The land use permit is a procedure carried out with the General Directorate of Architecture, Housing and Land. It is a process that requires time and prior approval to sell land ready for construction.

if your land have this full permission its value will rise since the buyer will save several procedures to obtain the permit.


The price of a piece of land is the second essential point when thinking about a profit on resale. Normally the pre-sale lands are those with which you cánido make significant profits.

Documents in order

The land must have all the documents that indicate that it is your property and that it is enabled for the type of construction that you want to develop in it (optional).

The required documentation includes:

  • Timely payment of taxes
  • The legal procedures guaranteed purchase and sale
  • The building permit

Rent the land to franchises

In this case you will rent the land to companies who have multiple franchises around the city and are looking to have a new office in a ámbito that is growing either commercially or residentially.

The land must meet certain characteristics to generate interest from the franchises in it:

  • Areas close to avenues or busy roads
  • preferably in apple corners
  • Documentation completely in order
  • Land use permit

You may wonder why companies that have several franchises prefer to rent land instead of buying it. The reason is fácil, through rent they cánido be made of several lands to place several franchises, while directly buying the land they will only be able to place a single franchise in that place.

You will not have to think about construction expenses either, franchises will be in charge of building and manage the installation of basic services in the place.

equipo up a aparcamiento lot

In the event that your land does not have any type of construction that hinders free movement. It is very possible that build a aparcamiento lot be a wise decision.

building a aparcamiento lot it is practically based on the asphalting of the terrain and delimitation of spaces by means of signaling on the ground.

Once your aparcamiento lot is ready you perro rent it to commercial establishments They have a large influx of customers. If customers find a place to park, they will prefer to go to the business that offers this service.

Of course you cánido also start your own business offering free aparcamiento in which a fixed rate is charged for income. Or, a monthly aparcamiento rental plan for anyone who needs to park near their place of work or home.


if your land It has the basic white water service and it is not located in an area where soil contamination is a problem, an excellent iniciativa will be the one to cultivate in it.

But cultivating involves a prior study of the market in your region: you must grow genera that you know will sell quickly in your locality at a good price, or, grow products that grow quickly and their price is not high.

Animal husbandry and herding

when the ground it is located away from a residential environment or commercial you cánido think about animal husbandry.

The land must have its respective fence, sanitary permits and sheds for animal storage. But if you do not want to carry out the construction of these, you perro rent the space for this type of agricultural activity.

Take advantage of every inch of your land for profit

Surely you have already found an iniciativa that perro be used to get plus money with a piece of land to which you have the rights. But if this is not the case, we leave you with a few additional ideas so that you cánido obtain profits for every last square meter of it:

  • Rent land for storage: in large industrial or commercial centers more and more storage spaces are needed.
  • Rent land for billboards: If your land is next to roads or highways, renting it for this type of activity is an excellent iniciativa.
  • celebrations and meetings: If your land has electricity and basic services, you cánido rent it for outdoor celebrations and meetings.

Do any of these ideas catch your eye? If you start a new business please leave us your experience in the comments section.

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 What cánido I do on my land to win
  What cánido I do on my land to win
  What cánido I do on my land to win

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