What browsers do you get paid to use? How and

What browsers do you get paid to use? How and

With the aim of taking the capabilities and benefits of the browsers conventional, two new competitors have emerged in this segment that will they pay to use them.

This new strategy to win new users promises economic benefits for each search you perform in addition to improving search speed and providing greater benefits in terms of privacy and security.

Browsers that reward you for their use in 2023

There are currently two browsers that pay you for their use; brave and Crypto Tab Browser. Each of them has different objectives and characteristics. Let’s see the differences between the two.


The Navigator brave was launched on the market in January 2016. It is a joint development of the creator of javascript and co-founder of Mozilla firefox Mozilla firefox, Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. It currently has almost 10 million users.

Its design aims to change the way Internet advertising works, while providing users with great security and privacy; traditionally, platforms that display ads keep all revenue generated by advertising. Brave, instead, alone keeps 30% of ad revenue and distributes the remaining 70% among its users.

Brave browser too rewards registered content creators and you cánido also personalize ads using local data, thus eliminating the need for third-party trackers, improving privacy in the advertising sphere.

Another feature that is extremely striking is that it is the fastest browser on the market. Even more than Google chrome and Mozilla firefox because it has a much lower RAM consumption.

Finally, they are to highlight its interesting security features, its built-in ad blocker and the absolute privacy mechanism.

Crypto Tab Browser

This is the world’s first browser with mining function. More than 25 million users around the world are already making money with CryptoTab Browser. Its operation It is based on mining bitcoin while you browse.

This browser promises a fast and light web browsing experience combined with high mining speed. Its use is fácil; Activate mining and then just relax while you browse the news, chat on popular media or enjoy a uso contínuo service; CryptoTab’s mining algorithm takes care of the rest.

It is characterized by a more efficient use of computer resources thanks to its built-in mining algorithm. In this way the speed of mining increases up to 8 times when the browser is active.

You cánido easily download it and then import bookmarks, histories, passwords and settings with a couple of clicks. In this way you turn your computer into a mining farm in a fácil way.

Are these browsers that pay you to use them safe?

Investigating a little usuario reviews, we find mixed opinions. In the case of bravesome users have complained that they have never received a penny for using this type, others that they have only been able to for a short period of time.

The issue with this browser is that basically what it does is block certain types of advertisements and pay for other types of them, and if you enable it, it pays you. That is to say, you have to equipo it up a certain way to get benefits.

brave profits by making you enable ads on certain sites, situation with which you win BAT, which is a token and that you use to ‘pay’ your favorite content creators. What they are looking for is to be the intermediary, mine with your hardware and then share their profits with you and the website you visited.

On the CryptoTab Browser side, the Google plus Google chrome-based web browser, which mines coins in the background while we use it, that is to say that it promises to make us earn money just by browsing the internet, it is also something too good to be true.

The problem here is not that bitcoin cannot be mined with its use, but that it is promoted as something profitable. Bitcoin mining requires lots of computing powerwhich not only means that the computer is slower, but also that it consumes more energy.

Computers that profitably mine bitcoin, called mining rigThey have the most advanced vídeo cards and work 24×7 to achieve a return of a few hundred euros per month and they are really expensive.

That is to say, although CryptoTab Browser Whether it is a 100% reliable browser and with good intentions, the amount of bitcoin that cánido be earned with its use, even leaving the computer on all day, is negligible and is much less than the electricity consumption that it will imply.

How much perro you earn for using these browsers?

The answer to this question depends on what you are going to use the browser for. if we talk about braveits usuario rewards program is based on its digital advertising platform that is based on blockchain.

Through this, both users and content creators are rewarded monthly through their native cryptocurrency known as Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Currently, at the closing of the edition of this note, the price of BAT was $0.72. The amount you earn depends on how many ads you see, if you add content creation to this and if you manage to attract new users through the referral system. It is estimated that they cánido earn approximately $5-$40 per month.

Then we have the promise of Bitcoin from CryptoTab Browser. The browser actually pays with cryptocurrencies for its use. That is proven, but as we said before, the amount is really tiny.

The best way to achieve some profitability is equipo browser as default and refer friends to your network. The more friends download the browser, use it as default and activate Bitcoin mining, the higher your earnings will be.

When you have a value greater than 0.00001 BTC, you perro withdraw to a virtual cryptocurrency wallet. Although we cannot tell you exactly how much time and effort it will take to achieve it, nor its value in euros or dollars, since it depends on the price of bitcoin at the time of conversion.

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 What browsers do you get paid to use? How and
  What browsers do you get paid to use? How and
  What browsers do you get paid to use? How and

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