What banks lend to reported in Colombia?

What banks lend to reported in Colombia?

In Colombia there is a system called Datacredito in which delinquent people are reported so that all credit institutions are aware of who is a debtor or who has had debts without timely payment. However, it is possible to know which banks lend to reported in Colombia in an updated way, we espectáculo you what they are.

What does it orinan to be reported in Colombia?

In Colombia there are companies that are dedicated to collecting credit information from people, these are the so-called “Central risk”, these agencies are in charge of share information with each other to create a credit history for each individual.

They do this with a credit score, information that perro be sold to other private companies to find out if it is feasible to lend you money or make contracts for monthly payments for certain products and services.

How do you know if you are reported for credits?

In Colombia, the main company that is dedicated to collecting people’s credit history is Datacrédito, in order to have access to your credit information it is necessary that you pay a fee of 17,500 pesos per month. This service includes immediate notification in case your score changes.

In the event that you do not want to pay a subscription, you will be able to send a letter to the institution in which you express that you want to know your credit historywhich must be provided to you by law through this means.

Now, if you don’t want to send this letter or dirección de correo electrónico to Datacredito oh TransUnion All you have to do is register on the website of one of these services and request, upon payment of a notification plan, the required information.

In the case of Datacredito You will only have to apply the following steps:

  1. Entrar your website MiDataCredito.

  2. Pay a plan and access your credit history.

  3. You perro request that an dirección de correo electrónico with this information be sent to you periodically.

Top 3 banks that lend money to reported in Colombia

In Colombia there are 3 banks with a reputation for facilitating loans to people with a reported credit history, which are Banco Caja Colombia, Banco BBVA and Bancolombia:

Caja Colombia Bank

He Bank of Colombia It is a bank where you cánido get payroll credits or for people reported in a fácil way if you meet a few requirements, such as:

  1. be of an age between 18 and 75 years old.

  2. Have at least a fixed income from work activity.

  3. Be Colombian citizen.

Only by fulfilling these characteristics cánido you obtain a loan that starts from 500,000 pesos up to the possible limit that the bank considers depending on your economic situation.


He banco bilbao vizcaya argentaria bank It is a bank that cánido lend up to 600 thousand pesos to reported in very comfortable installments, in fact, you cánido choose up to 84 installments to pay and even more if you are a pensioner. In the event that you are not working, you cánido also access loans with a mortgage guarantee.

It is possible that you cánido request higher loans if you have sufficient financial guarantee to request higher credits, a situation that must be raised in person at their offices.


Bancolombia it is one of the most habitual banks in Colombia and fortunately for you you cánido obtain credits of up to one million pesos without having to previously deposit capital in the entity.

In order to get this loan you must be actively working, be Colombian or be a naturalized Colombian and be of legal age.

The common thing when requesting this credit before Bancolombia is to send as support the documentation that we recommend at the beginning of the articulo, adding a proof of income that certifies that you have been receiving payments periodically for a short time.

you must compulsorily have an active Mandatory Life Insurance and also if you have an account in this bank and it is affiliated with a company, you will be able to get really low interest rates. In the latter case, the loan money will be discounted in installments from your account.

Common requirements requested to opt for a credit as reported

If you are going to go to any of the aforementioned banks, make sure you have the following requirements accompanied by a proof of monthly fixed income:

  1. Names and surnames.

  2. Number of identity card.

  3. Photocopy or photo of the identity card attached.

  4. A paragraph explaining the reason for the request. You must establish if it is a query or if you do not agree with certain history changes.

  5. notarized signature From applicant.

The credits for people reported to the risk centers are reduced, but boy do they help in the event of a potential emergency. Tell us if this information has served you and in which bank you requested said loan.

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 What banks lend to reported in Colombia?
  What banks lend to reported in Colombia?
  What banks lend to reported in Colombia?

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