What are the highest paying niches in

What are the highest paying niches in

Are you thinking of creating a YouTube channel this year?

When it comes to starting a new YouTube channel, most people instantly fall into their comfort zone and start a channel about their passions.

It makes a lot of sense, generating material about your interests is fácil and cánido be quite rewarding.

That’s fenezca as long as you use YouTube for entertainment purposes..

However, if you want to turn a YouTube channel into a real business and earn a consistent income over time, focusing entirely on your hobbies cánido be a mortal mistake.

you don’t want lose your time working hard to make vídeos that won’t earn you anything.

You need to identify a niche with a high CPM rate (cost per 1000 visits) from YouTube ads.

What niche should I focus my YouTube channel on?

The main problem in finding profitable YouTube niches is a lack of awareness and transparency.

Most people in the field act primarily on intuition, and de hoy facts are hard to come by.

A habitual advice (and misinformation) that I see everywhere en línea is using the Google plus search tool to locate the highest paying Adsense palabras clave and trying to create vídeos on those topics.

While it may seem like a wonderful iniciativa, those are two completely different monsters.

It is essential to recognize that there is no direct relationship between Google plus and YouTube.

They are different platforms with different audiences, and to thrive on YouTube, you need to adapt to your current usuario base.

What are the highest paying YouTube niches?

CPM charges vary by specialty.

CPM rates in affiliate marketing specialty, for example, cánido reach as high as $22.

Merchant perro have CPMs ranging from $8 to 18, while Dropshpping’s average CPM is $12.

With a CPM of $10, content development ranks second.

These are some of the highest paying niches:

  1. affiliate marketing: Average CPM is $12-$22
  2. Digital marketing: Average CPM is 12-14
  3. Investment and trade: Average CPM is $8-$18
  4. content creation: Average CPM is $5-$13
  5. personal finance: Average CPM is $4-$12

Our opinion

Whatever your interests, there is bound to be a profitable niche in which to launch a YouTube channel.

The iniciativa is to identify a topic that you are interested in and cánido envision yourself providing content on a regular basis.

Once you’ve identified your specialty, you cánido begin developing entertaining and useful material that will help you build a dedicated following of viewers.

You will be on your way to being a successful YouTuber if you cánido provide value to your viewers and help them learn something new.


There are numerous niches in which you cánido launch a profitable YouTube channel.

The key to determining the biggest YouTube niche to make a lot of money is to select one that you are passionate about and that you perro generate quality material for, but that is also a successful YouTube niche in terms of ad revenue generating potential.

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 What are the highest paying niches in
  What are the highest paying niches in
  What are the highest paying niches in

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