What are the forms of ownership

What are the forms of ownership

How is a company structured? To answer this question, we have to talk about the forms of business ownership or also called types of business organization according to the investment modalities.

Forms of business ownership

We perro start by saying that if we want to start a company, we are going to need to make an investment. Said investment cánido be seen as the patrimony that has to be contributed for the company to be born.

However, the heritage cánido be contributed by a single individual, by the state or by a group of people (partners). Therefore, there are 3 basic types of business ownership, which are:

  • Individual.
  • public.
  • In society.

Sometimes family businesses and franchises are also taken into account as forms of business ownership, however, I will make separate articles about those.

individual property

If the assets are contributed by a single individual, then we are talking about individual property, since the company belongs to a single person and the investment was made by a single person.

Therefore, if the patrimony is made by a single individual, then we speak of an individual property.

It should be noted that the natural person is the legal figure of individual property.

Advantages of Individual Ownership

Of course, one advantage of a sole proprietorship lies in the freedom one has when it comes to making decisions and organizing all the operations (activities) that have to be carried out. After all, it cánido be said that you are your own boss.

The person who owns a company with individual assets is capable of knowing every aspect of the business, of course it has to be that way because he does everything.

One more advantage of this type of property is one of the most striking and lies in the fact that by being alone, the profits do not have to be distributed to more people. Therefore, the person keeps all the net profits.

Disadvantages of Sole Ownership

Just as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages and well, we cánido start with the money or investment that has to be made. After all, all organizations have limited resources, and a sole proprietorship only has resources that the owner perro obtain or contribute. Sure, it’s possible to get financed, but a sole proprietorship is sure to be less likely to raise a large amount of monetary resources than one with a larger number of partners.

Likewise, it must be said that freedom in decision-making perro also be a disadvantage, since there is no one else who perro provide you with ideas or provide you with another point of view and that perro make decision-making difficult. find biased.

Another disadvantage lies in the fact that the owner accepts all the risks and losses that are incurred. Therefore, he perro win a lot or lose a lot.

ownership in partnership

As its name indicates, partnership ownership takes into account all companies that have been created from the investment of two or more people, that is, from groups of people who seek a common goal and together contribute equity. to the same.

In such a way that companies provide a equipo of resources, which are integrated to carry out all business activities. This reminds me of what is said that unity is strength, since by adding the effort of each person, it is more likely that the objectives will be achieved.

However, it must be said that although it is more likely to achieve the objectives in a partnership, it is very important that we know how to choose partners.

It should be noted that the legal figure of property in society is the ética person.

Advantages of ownership in partnership

Of course, one advantage to partnership ownership is the fact that they are able to raise a greater amount of financial resources.

Also, having more partners, there are more points of view and more people with different experiences (knowledge). Therefore, there are greater skills that allow society to move forward.

Also, unlike with a sole proprietorship, the risks and responsibilities are shared between the partners.

Disadvantages of a partnership property

We perro start by saying that all decisions have to be taken jointly. Therefore, the freedom that one does have in an individual property is lost.

Of course, since there are more partners, it is only fair that the profits be shared among all the partners.

Public ownership

As perro be seen in one of the ways in which they cánido be classify companies (private, public or mixed), we cánido say that public ownership refers to organizations that have been created with the contribution or participation of the state.

It should be noted that there may be full state participation or partial state participation. If there is a partial participation of the state, then they are known as a parastatal organization.

An example of this type of organization is Petróleos Mexicanos.

What is the best type of business ownership?

I don’t think it perro be 100% true that one type of business ownership is better or worse than the other, as each has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, everything will depend on the line of business or the size of the organization that is intended to be created.

Simply put, it will depend on the situation and many other factors.

If you want to know more about it, then I recommend that you read the book by Carlos Prieto Sierra, which is called “Entrepreneurship. Concepts and business plan.

Business Ownership Examples

So that you perro see the difference between the different types of business ownership, I am going to give you some fácil examples.

  • Estrella de youtube.
  • Web designer.
  • SEO.
  • Restoranes.
  • Food producers.
  • Móvil inteligente developers.
  • Infonavit.
  • Federal electricity commission.

Which are individually owned?

Well, Yotubers, web page designers and SEOs have to register in one of the Tax Regimes and they have to start paying taxes as a natural person. That is, they are individually owned.

In fact, many service businesses may be individually owned. For example, a management consulting company or cleaning or gardening services cánido be established.

What businesses are owned in partnership?

Well, I don’t think a lugar de comidas chain or a company that develops teléfonos inteligentes perro be a sole proprietorship. Therefore, I consider that the majority of industrial companies are companies owned by companies.

Examples of public business ownership

Finally, Infonavit and the Comisión Federal de Electricidad are examples of publicly owned companies.

Requirements to incorporate a company in México

In this section I am going to talk about 2 legal figures contemplated in México. On the one hand we have the Physical persons and on the other side at ética people.

1. Natural persons

The easiest way to start operating a business formally is through individual ownership, through the legal figure called Physical person.

It is the easiest way thanks to the fact that the business belongs to only one person and it cánido be said that the business is the same person.

In addition, it is the easiest way thanks to the fact that the legal requirements are very few and you perro do it very quickly. In fact, it cánido be said that the only requirement is that you register with the competent authorities.

In México, to register you have to do it at the Tax Administration Service (SAT). It should be noted that, depending on the activities you wish to carry out, you will have to choose one tax regime or another.

Of course, you must also take into account the income that you are going to receive in order to select the one that suits you best.

The regimes for natural persons in México are the following:

  • Simplified Trust Regime
  • Wages and salaries and income assimilated to salaries
  • Regime of Business Activities and Professionals
  • Fiscal Incorporation Regime
  • Disposal of assets
  • Regime of Business Activities with income through Technological Platforms
  • Lease Regime
  • Interests
  • Obtaining prizes
  • dividends
  • other income

Those are the ones that are contemplated on the SAT page, however, you perro no longer register as RIF (Fiscal Incorporation Regime). There are still people who remain in the RIF, but they are people who managed to register before.

Therefore, I recommend that you report to the SAT or an expert in the field, who will help you select the best option for you and your business.

2. Ética persons

Now we are going to talk a little about the legal figure of property in society, that is, of ética persons.

The reality is that it is more complicated to equipo up a company (ética person) and that is because more legal requirements need to be met. Of course, with more obligations.

The legal requirements for you to establish a company in México (ética person) perro be found in the General Law of Commercial Companies (LGSM).

However, What is one of the first things you do when a baby is born? Well, if we talk about legal things, one of the first things to do in the first few months is to go to the civil registry and submit all the required documentation to be able to register your son or daughter. As a result, they will obtain a birth certificate.

Well, something afín happens with a company, since you have to go to a notary public to testify of the facts. This testimony is often called constitutive Act.

The constitutive act gives legality to the constitution of a company.

Some elements that we perro find in a constitutive act are:

  • Names, nationality and domicile of the physical or legal persons that constitute the company.
  • Object of the company.
  • Business name or name (company name).
  • Duration.
  • Amount of share capital.
  • Company domicile.
  • Manner of managing the company and the powers of the administrators.

Since you have the constitutive act of your company, now you have to appear at the SAT and register. This will allow you to obtain your tax ID, which contains the RFC.

It is also important to appear before the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

Likewise, depending on the line of business, it is possible that other permits or special registrations or those related to a especial line of business must be obtained.

So, the minimum you have to do to equipo up a company in México is:

  • Have the constitutive act.
  • Register in the Federal Taxpayers Registry.
  • Be registered in the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

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 What are the forms of ownership
  What are the forms of ownership
  What are the forms of ownership

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