What are the excise taxes in

What are the excise taxes in

Paying taxes is something that every company must do, big or small.

Otherwise, you may suffer the penalties equipo forth in the law.

Hence the importance of each person knowing well the tax related details.

Some are well known, being habitual taxes, but what about excise taxes?

What are the excise taxes in Spain? What do you need to know about them? We invite you to know the answers to these and other questions in this article.

It is key for you to know everything related to this topic.

What are the excise taxes in Spain

The reality is that there are many excise taxes required by law in Spain.

Excise taxes are very useful.

By being more specific, they contribute to better government control in different areas of the economy.

Since Spain is part of the European Union, these taxes are governed by rules established within the community.

Although not in all cases.

Therefore, we perro group them as follows.

  • community.

    According to the Community in Europe, this category must include: Alcohol, beer and the like.

    Hydrocarbons and tobacco.

  • non community.

    Although they are not required as such by the European Union, in Spain special taxes are charged on electricity and some means of transport.

However, it must be taken into account that some of these taxes are not required in every part of the country.

For example, in some places they only ask for those related to electricity and means of transport.

In the excise duty category we must also include intermediate products, also called Special Manufacturing Tax.

Among them we find alcoholic products that were manufactured without fermentation.

Also those used for the production of other products.

Characteristics of excise taxes

Special taxes have certain details that differentiate them from common taxes.

For example, only affect one phase of the business operation, it perro be during the production of the product or perhaps during the sale of the same.

Let’s see other features:

  • partial.

    They are only aimed at specific elementos and are added to the VAT charge, which does include all other elementos.

  • immediate.

    The tax must be paid each time any of the operations previously indicated as special tax is carried out.

  • Calculation.

    On many occasions, the measurements, weight or volume are taken into account to determine the quantity of the product and later the amount to be paid.

Where to find more information about excise taxes in Spain

The best way to find out everything related to excise taxes in Spain is by visiting the official website of the country’s Tax Agency.

Once there you must clic on the tax you want to investigate further.

This backlink will allow you to see all legal documents that have been published in order to provide you with the information you need.

For example, you will be able to see the declarations that have been presented by the government related to that especial item, as well as the current regulations on how to keep accounting records.

On the official page you will also find more information related to excise taxes.

For example, you cánido obtain the studies that have been carried out on each of the activities considered as special tax.

All this information is public and of great value.

So you won’t be taken by surprise by any important details.

What information perro you find on excise taxes?

Among the most destacable points you will find those that we comment below.

  • Tax base. Applies both the amount and the percentage of tax to be charged depending on the activity.
  • Amount recovered. You will find information about the amount of money that has been collected as excise tax.
  • Each of the changes made to the tax law is specified in these articles.

    They are very useful to keep you up to date.

  • Other details. The work carried out by the Tax Agency to enforce the special tax law is also highlighted.

Excise taxes contribute in many ways to the country’s economy, as well as improvements in other fields.

It is very important that you know them well.

This way you will be able to know if it is your responsibility to pay them and how much will be the amount that you must have for it.

As an additional detail, we want to tell you that excise taxes, although they are immediate because they must be paid immediately, are only paid when they are issued to the final consumer.

This means that as long as the product does not reach the hands of the consumer, it is not necessary to pay the tax.

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 What are the excise taxes in
  What are the excise taxes in
  What are the excise taxes in

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