What are the differences between a web page and

What are the differences between a web page and

If you are looking for different ways to earn money en líneaSurely the first iniciativa that has come to mind is to create a blog.

But by entering the infinite world of Google plus results, you may have found something you didn’t expect: in some places they tell you to make a web page, and in others a blog.

What are really the differences between these two types of pages? They are equal? Are they different?

And most important of all: what is the best option for youthe website or the blog?

This may surprise you, but as far as realization is concerned a blog is the same as a website.

They are Internet sites that are created in the same way: both to make a blog and a web page you must buy hosting and domaingive it a name, and customize it with the design you want.

The real difference is in the formatin how you present the information you offer to your visitors.

That is why here I am going to explain in detail what a blog is, what a web page is, and what are the different aspects that each one has so that you perro assess for yourself which option is the best for you if you want to create your own website.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website very afín to typical newspapers on paper that years ago we bought to write about our experiences or the ideas we had.

In a blog, the author write articles on topics that interest you such as movies, business, music, fashion, sports, gaming, marketing, psychology, cooking, etcétera.

And most important of all: the content is updated quite often.

The most habitual thing is that if there is only one person who writes in that blog, they publish new elementos every two or three days.

That is to say: it gives new content to its readers two or three times a week.

There are also bigger weblogs where they write various authors at a time, and cánido afford to publish one or more articles each day.

It is very rare to see a blog on the Internet where only one articulo is published a week or every two weeks; because precisely the people who visit weblogs do so because want to see new content every few days.

In addition, the great advantage of weblogs is that they tend to reflect the personality of the authorand visitors cánido interact with each other or ask the writer directly through the comment sections.

In this way, the relations between the followers and the author are stronger and more personal than with a person who manages a web page instead of a blog.

And precisely for that reason weblogs work better than web pages to sell services or products created by yourself.

By creating that relationship with readers, they they trust the blogger more and their predisposition to acquire the products offered is greater.

So summarizing all of the above, the main features of a blog are:

  • be a website personal and informal
  • Create dynamic content (update the blog frequently and with new information)
  • Be interactive (a place where readers cánido comment and communicate with others and with the author)
  • Create trust in visitors
  • Give information and be useful for everyone else

Which is a Web page?

To give you a better iniciativa of ​​what a web page is, think of it as the opposite of a blog.

A web page is static: its content is not updated frequently (only done when you have to change a design, or place a new element).

And basically they serve to sell or publicize a brand, a company, or specific products.

Think, for example, of well-known brand pages such as Adidas, Coca Cola, or a lugar de comidas you know.

When you entrar them, what they present to you is not useful information for you, nor do they tell you who the person behind it is.

What they try is for you to see the benefits of your products or services, what they offer, and where you perro buy them.

But you perro’t communicate with that company the way you would with a blog; If you buy one of the services of a website, you perro only send them a message through the contact form.

That’s why with a website the same relationships are not created than with the readers of a blog, because communication with the creator of a page or the owner of that brand hardly exists.

What is certain is that there are web pages that they have a blog inside of them too.

But the contents usually be corporate and aimed at convincing customers to buy the products they offer.

That is, a web page is:

  • more formal and professional what a blog
  • The content is static (just doesn’t update)
  • The interactivity does not exist.

    There is only one way communication

  • The information given is basically to promote or sell products and services
  • Do not believe it trust enough with the clients

SoWhat a difference to a web page of a blog?

The main difference between a blog and a web page is that the former is oriented towards a more personal treatmentand the second towards a business, company or brand in a More professional.

With the blog you cánido also offer products and services to sell, but you will do it in a closer way, just as if you were talking with a friend.

The texts you write on it will be more personaland you perro talk about any topic you want: from your experiences, events, recommendations, etcétera.

On the other hand, a web page has as its main engine to publicize, promote, or sell something belonging to a business, a brand, or a company.

It’s a relationship much more distant the one that is created with the visitors, and at a more commercial than personal level.

So if you are wondering what would be the best option for you, what you should check first is what do you want to offer and what do you want to achieve with a website.

If your goal is to create your own business, start an en línea store, or provide professional services (consulting, offer en línea courses, work for others) without a doubt, the best thing for you is create a website.

But if you want to build your own personal brand, help others with useful information, and offer your visitors quality products or services made by you (or recommend elementos that you have tried), then a blog is better.

Do you now know what are the differences between a web page and a blog? Leave me a comment below with any other questions you have!

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I am a journalist specialized in business but my great passion is personal motivation and helping others achieve their goals.

I firmly believe that opportunities in life do not happen: you create them.

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 What are the differences between a web page and
  What are the differences between a web page and
  What are the differences between a web page and

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