What are the delegated commissions of the

What are the delegated commissions of the

In order to address the large number of important issues, in each country the governments create ministries and escoge who will be part of them. This must be reported to the president, when required. Sometimes circumstances will require the creation of a commission government delegate.

In this article we are going to review which are the delegated government commissions, when their creation is necessary and the responsibilities they have, among other important points.

Why are delegated Government Commissions created?

Different government ministries have the responsibility to work in a specific area. However, sometimes there are topics of great relevance and that are related to various ministries. In these cases, a commission is appointed by the government to deal with this situation.

In other words, the delegated government commissions have the purpose of help several ministries at the same time. Before making an important decision, a proposal must be drawn up. Each ministry must do it in its area, but these commissions cánido cover different areas at the same time. You perro even make decisions, as long as they are not very weighty.

Types of Delegated Government Commissions

There is a variety of commissions delegated by the government, which allow different aspects to be addressed. They are all of great importance. Among these are the assigned to economic affairs, national security, as well as those intended for a specific event, as happened in Spain for the 1992 Olympics.

Commissions for Economic Affairs

The Commission for Economic Affairs should evaluate in detail the proposals related to the economy from the country. In especial those that may significantly affect the national economy, such as plans to increase employment opportunities, infrastructure improvements or investment in areas such as technology.

It is also responsible for analyzing the proper completion of documents, especially those necessary to present the economic proposals before the authorities that require it. For example, before submitting to the European Union any plan related to the country’s economy, it must be reviewed and approved by the Commission for Economic Affairs.

It is important to highlight that the services of this commission will only be required when two conditions are met: that deal with economic issues and that are of great importanceto the point of being able to seriously affect the economy of the country in general, because it is related to one of its largest sectors.

Commissions for National Security

The Commission for Homeland Security is one of the most important in the country. For this reason, its president will always be the highest authority in the country. This means that the king will assume this position and, in his absence, the president of the government will do so.

The ministers in charge, such as the directivo of the department of national security, will also form part of this commission. Also, there must be a representative of all ministries, mainly those related to the security of the country. Among these are: Defense, Finance, Transportation, Health, etcétera.

However, it will be the responsibility of the president of the commission to choose who else will be present at each session. In other words, If a ministry is affected by the issue to be discussed, its representative must be present. The sessions will be held when issues of great relevance for the protection of the nation arise.

Commissions for Intelligence Affairs

The responsibility of this commission is coordinate the different state services. Particularly in relation to Intelligence. Thanks to the information compiled by this commission, the creation and strengthening of the government intelligence system is possible.

This must be made up of those who occupy the following positions in the government: the Minister of Economic Affairs. She will be the main person in charge of this commission. The Minister of Tarea should also be included, as well as all those whose positions are related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The sessions of this commission cánido include any representative of other ministries, as long as the issues to be discussed are directly related to their area of ​​work. This commission is one of the most complete, because emplees all the information from other ministries to use it for the benefit of the countryparticularly in the measures necessary for their protection and defense.

Have the Delegated Government Commissions been maintained over time?

The creation of the delegated commissions obeys different needs of the nation. Some of these are focused on issues that constantly require attentionsuch as the economy or the security and defense of the country. In the case of these commissions, although their names have been modified over time, according to their objectives, they have remained over time.

However, in the case of other commissions, their functions have ceased over time. One of these was the Delegate Commission of the Government for the development of Agreements with North America, which functioned for only 4 years, until 1961. Another example is the Delegate Commission of the Government for Crisis Situations, active until 2013.

One of the shortest, in terms of its period of exercise, was the Government Delegate Commission for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Its short duration is due to its main objective: to ensure that each ministry fulfilled its role, specifically in the olympic games preparation. The same has happened with other commissions delegated by the government.

But it is good to point out that, although some of these ceased to exercise functions in their role as delegated commissions, many were converted into departments to date present in government. For example, the Delegate Government Commission for Crisis Situations became the Department of Security.

Are there Delegated Government Commissions in All Countries?

The term delegated commission of the government is used very frequently when referring to the Spanish form of government. It is in this country that they are known in this way and where, despite the passage of time, they continue to be considered highly relevant in the stable management of the nation.

However, the reality is that, although the same title as in Spain is not used, there are commissions commissioned directly by the government. All of them have a main function. For example, in some countries we find commissions for the security of the nation. Its objectives are very afín to those of the Spanish security and intelligence commission.

The delegated commissions perform a escencial function in the strengthening and protection of all citizens. They also help each ministry fully comply with its main objectives.

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 What are the delegated commissions of the
  What are the delegated commissions of the
  What are the delegated commissions of the

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