What are the commissions in Agregado500?

What are the commissions in Agregado500?

In this article you will know what are the REAL commissions in Agregado500, they are not very high. In the same way, we will also espectáculo you how to know what commissions you will have to pay depending on each action, or each purchase you make of each type of instrument.

It should be added that if you need recommendations regarding your capital, the best option is to contact a financial advisor. Here you will simply find information regarding the Agregado 500 commissions.

Agregado500.com Commissions Page 2023

Being on the Agregado 500 rates and charges page, you cánido see that it says big 0 in commissions for Deposits (both withdraw and charge money to account), real-time currency quotes, dynamic tables and charts, direct depósito CFD prices, price alerts and rolling your position.

Frequent questions

The frequent questions They offer you information such as: if you have to make a deposit or an international transfer, it will depend a bit on the third party; that is, the commission will be charged to your bank, not Agregado 500.

The same goes for bank transfers. In case I charge you, it will be to the third party.as it indicates, Agregado 500 would not be responsible for that commission.

overnight financing

Below, you find more related to the type of commissions. One is the overnight financing, which you perro see in your CFD. Any type of instrument is displayed, such as alphabet. By clicking on it, the right sidebar will be displayed, there you will notice the type of night financing, one of the most important.

This is basically a percentage that is usually very low that you will be charged for holding the position overnight, after you log out until the next day.

In purchase, it tells you that it will make 0.0554%, for example, as invested in a share of 2,046. what you are going to do is multiply both numbers and divide by 100. The result it will give is 1.13293, therefore, per night it would charge 1.13 Euros for each night, giving as a result: 0.0554.

Gold in overnight financing

Another example of this cánido be taken from gold in overnight financing. On purchase it is 0.0222%, therefore the night would be 0.45, which is half of the nightly commissions.

This will depend on each type of action or instrument. You simply have to look at that percentage and calculate it by multiplying it by the total money invested that you have in said action or in said raw material, etcétera. Then divide that by 100, and you have what it would charge you for each night you stay.

Currency conversion fees

there are also the currency conversion fees. As stated on the website, “…will charge a conversion fee for all trades in instruments denominated in a currency other than your account currency”.

This means that if your account is in Euros and you want to buy a share in USD, like Google plus for example, there would be a small conversion fee which is quite low, generally 0.7%.

Depósito trading commission

you have too depósito trading commission. Essentially what it indicates is that both when opening and closing actions, it will charge you a fairly low minimum. In the same way, there you will find more extensive information about it.

inactivity fee

This inactivity feeis a base rate of 10 dollars a month, which is applied in case you do not log in to your account in a period of at least 3 months. That means that after the fourth month, I would charge you $10 per month.

Guaranteed Stop Order

In guaranteed stop order you would also get commission. This means that if you want to put a StopLoss that is guaranteed, which not everyone has, you would also have a plus fee.

guaranteed stop

guaranteed stop It means that in any case, if the price drops, it will jump. That is to say, it will not jump to a lower price, but it has a commission such as, for example, with a margin of 144.78 Euros in real amount 3,452.04 Euros, since the plus fee per guaranteed stop would be that 0.42 %.

In relation to commissions there is nothing else, although you do have other options around night financing.

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 What are the commissions in Agregado500?
  What are the commissions in Agregado500?
  What are the commissions in Agregado500?

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